18 Perfect Asian Style Bathroom Ideas to Create A Relaxation Spot at Home

Some people apply Asian style bathroom at home because of the natural atmosphere. This bathroom style often uses natural materials, such as bamboo, wood, sculptures, plants, and many more. Check the bathroom style ideas below and pick the best one to apply. 

Bamboo and Wood 

Bamboo And Wood Asian Style Bathroom

Do you want to have a bathroom that is also suitable for a relaxing area? A bathroom with a bamboo and wood interior is perfect. Let’s say you can apply a square mirror with a bamboo frame. Put a wooden cabinet or wooden bench in the bathroom. This combination is enough to create a comfortable Asian style bathroom. You may spend a few hours there while taking a bath or spa.   

Ancient Bathroom 

Ancient Asian Style Bathroom 1

Asian ancient bathrooms are inspiring. These bathrooms have a lot of sculptures and plants. You can put your favorite plants and flowers in the bathroom. Manage the plants so it feels that you are entering a hidden place in the forest. Stone or ceramic is perfect for supporting the idea of your Asian style bathroom. You may add sculptures on the wall to strengthen the atmosphere. Then, you feel the way the ancient queens took a bath.   

Zen Bathroom 

Zen Asian Style Bathroom

Zen bathroom is perfect for those who want to have a quiet place to take a bath and relax. Use stones or ceramic to create this Asian style bathroom. Boost the relaxing atmosphere by adding candles or lights around the stone. It will be perfect if you use a bathtub. 

Asian Bathroom Ideas

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