20 Awesome Country Style Home Decor Ideas to Boost Comfort and Warmth

Country style home decor is one of the recommended ideas to make your house looks cozy. It seems that you bring nature inside the house by applying this decor idea. Another good thing about applying country style decoration is that your house feels warm with the use of pastel, neutral, and soft colors.

The ideas below will blow your mind. Indeed, you want to apply some of the ideas at home. The way to apply this decoration style is also easy and less expensive. You only have to choose your favorite country style idea and start the remodel project right away. 

Attractive Country Style Home Decor Ideas:

English Country Home Decor

This country style home decor idea uses floral patterns to strengthen the cozy atmosphere. The designer applies the pattern on the wall, pillow covers, and vas. He even put real flowers on a vas and put on the table. This living room uses soft and neutral colors, including cream, white, and green to boost a comfortable atmosphere. The realistic painting style makes this living room looks outstanding. The designer also strengthens the country-style ambient by using wood material and a chocolate rug in which the color is similar to the ground. As a result, it looks comfortable even for a small living room.  

English Country Decor Ideas

Soft colors always work well to strengthen the country style model in a living room. The living room above also uses soft colors such as pink, cream, and light green. The designer combines these colors with black, brown, and white for a perfect balance. This living room looks classic with the use of a ceramic fireplace, a round mirror with a floral pattern, a wooden box, and big chairs with arms. Indeed, flowers are something crucial in a country style home decor. It seems comfortable sitting on the sofa in the winter while reading your favorite books and feel the warmth from the fireplace.    

English Country Home Decor Ideas

You can even set a living room in a hallway. Use a long sofa and put it close to the wall. Adding a chair is necessary if you think that you need more sitting area as well as there is still enough space to do it. Add cabinets near the door, so you can put important items there. Choose your favorite paintings and hang them around the hallway. The paintings make this area feels elegant, classic, and glamorous. Placing a rug will strengthen the function of the area as a living room. The most important thing is that you give a function to the hallways instead of using it only as walking access.  

English Country Home Decoration

You can apply the style of the image above to have a luxury living room with a country style home decor. Make sure that you use a floral pattern for specific things. For example, this living room is applying wallpaper with a floral pattern on the wall and sofa. This room has two big windows, so the designer covers them with two layers of nets. The designer also uses a chandelier to strengthen the glamourous atmosphere. You can use several types of sofas if you still have space in the living room. This combination makes your living room stunning and glamorous.  

Amanda Brooks Dreamy English Country Home

Do you want to have a comfortable library at home? This country-style library is an impressive reference. Manage all your favorite books on the wooden shelves. Then, add a sofa or a bed that makes you comfortable while spending time in this room. Don’t forget to add plants, whether they are real or artificial. Put a big mirror at the top of a fireplace to make the room looks larger. The unique rattan and fabric lamp cover to make the area even stunning. The idea is to bring nature inside the room to make sure comfortable even if you have to spend time there in a few hours.  

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Brick Flooring For French Country Decor

Open space living room is good to have better air circulation. You don’t need to give a separator to separate two rooms. The image shows that the designer only uses a rug to separate two different areas. The unique part is the brick tiles that make the room looks so classic and natural. You also feel the country-style ambient with the use of wooden furniture, a chandelier, and real flowers. A rattan sofa also supports the open space theme. The chairs don’t block the air circulation, and it feels fresh anytime you open the door. This idea is perfect for a big living room.  

Contemporary Country Home Bellevue

It doesn’t mean that you can have a modern room at home only because you apply a country style home decor. The kitchen above shows that combining modern and country-style models can be beautiful. The designer uses wood for most of the properties and combines it with ceramics. This kitchen has a modern touch from the use of stainless-steel material. This area also has maximal lighting, such as small lamps at the top of the dining room that makes it elegant and warm. The most important thing is that you get the country-style atmosphere without overwhelming the area. 

Contemporary Country Home Bellevue

You may wonder about having a comfortable area to relax at home. If it is so, you can use the image above as your reference. The design looks simple in which you only use two long wooden benches. You don’t have to buy a table. Use a recycled wooden box as the table. It will be great if there is a fireplace there to keep you warm. Apply natural materials as much as you can to strengthen the country style ambient. This area is using stones, besides wooden material. Put some sofa pillows and a rug to make the space even comfortable.

Country Home Decor

Having a small area at home is not a big deal. You can still apply country style home decor there. The image above is one of the examples where you have a perfect country-style kitchen. The designer adds a wooden table with cabinets and chairs as a dining room and a prep area. This idea will not disturb the walking area, so you can still cook in the kitchen as long as you want. Then, let your friends or family sit on the chairs and enjoy the delicious meals. Indeed, the country-style decor looks appeal with the use of wooden furniture and chicken statues.

Country House Decorating Ideas

Wooden furniture boosts the warmth of the area. You can even use it to create an open space country-style room. The reference above shows that wooden furniture looks stunning in the kitchen and dining room. You don’t need to separate these two rooms. What you have to do is putting a rug to give a sign that you are entering a different area. The use of a long table and cafe chairs make this kitchen perfect for relaxing with friends and colleagues. At the same time, you can use the dining room to enjoy meals with your beloved family. The most important thing is that you still have space to walk in the room. 

Countrystyle House Decor

Do you love a classic theme such as black and white home decor? If it is so, you can combine this style with a country style home decor. You can use white fabric to covers up the sofa in the dining room. Then, use black in specific things, including a table, armless chairs, and a mirror frame. You can also apply white for the walls. Tiles with a wooden pattern will make the room looks perfect. Give some plants as the last touch. That’s it! You have a comfortable dining area that you can use to enjoy meals and gathering with family, friends, and colleagues. 

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English Country Style Interior Design Living Room With Fireplace

A luxury country style home decor is not only for a large living room but also a small area. Make sure that you choose the right furniture. Let say you can use a single sofa and some small chairs in the main room. Use large curtains to cover the windows. Applying something classic, such as a chandelier, table lamps, round mirrors is also a good idea. Don’t forget to put some beautiful flowers in the room. It is better to use one color flower to keep the room comfortable. You may also put a rug to make the area looks warm and cozy. 

Farmhouse Style Home Architecture Design

White will not look monotonous as long as you know how to combine it with other colors. One of the ideas is by combining white walls with brown and wooden materials. You can apply the brown color for the floor, sofa frame, ceiling frame, table, and door frame. Besides applying the white color on the walls, you can also use it on the sofa, sofa pillows, chairs, and shelves. It will be perfect if there are good lighting and air circulation in the room. The design may look simple, but it is cozy enough to spend a few hours with family, friends, colleagues, or even alone. Don’t let a separator limits the room.  

French Country Kitchen Ideas

The best thing about using an open space theme is that you will get good lighting and air circulation at home. The image above shows that the room looks fresh once you open the door and windows. The light and air come and out freely to the room. The use of wooden furniture makes the area feels warm. It seems you will be happy to spend time there for a few hours with your beloved family. You can even make this simple room looks more glamorous and elegant by hanging a chandelier. It seems romantic to turn on the chandelier at night while having dinner

Country Style Home Decor Ideas

The image above also has the same atmosphere. This room has good air circulation. You will have enough light in the morning or the afternoon as well as fresh air every day once you open the doors and windows. The use of soft colors keeps the room warm and perfect for gathering with beloved family and friends, especially it has a lot of chairs. Even if you have to close the windows or doors because of the cold weather, you can still use the fireplace. Turn on the table lamps and you will get a romantic atmosphere at night. Indeed, you want to spend a night there.   

Living Room With Brown Leather Sofas And Oak Table On Wide Carpet

It is your luck you have a large space. As a result, you can apply a variety of home decors, including a country style home decor. The first image looks simple along with a big sofa set. The sofa is classic with its brown color and big size. It is a perfect option to fill the large room. The use of the brick design on the wall makes the wall fresh and stunning. Indeed, the use of wood material and other things that look natural is good to strengthen the country-style ambient. The most important thing is that the room doesn’t look empty and functional enough.  

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Orating In Country Style Home Decorating

The image above is also using the open space principle. The use of patterned wallpapers makes the wall stunning and fresher compared to ordinary models. The wood tile model makes the area feels warm and perfect for a small gathering. That’s why you need a dining table set there. The design is stunning and it keeps people want to stay for a few hours. Make the room looks glamorous by adding chandeliers and some flowers. The most important thing is that you don’t lose the walking access even you only have a small space at home. You even have two rooms in this area.   

Orating In Country Style Home Decorating In A Country Home Style

You can use wood for all rooms at home, including your kitchen. Put a big table if you only have a small kitchen at home. The table is the separator between the kitchen and the dining room. It gives extra space to put some ingredients and kitchen appliances. The wood looks solid and it strengthens the country style ambient in the room. The things that you have to consider is the lighting and air circulation. Make sure that you have enough light and fresh air in the morning. You only have to prepare small lamps to give light at night. Open the windows or doors anytime you need fresh air.  

Plus Wrap Around Porches With Vertical Railing Made From Wooden

The image above shows the atmosphere of a house with a country style home decor. It looks comfortable and simple. You can relax anywhere you want, including on the balcony. Don’t cut the branches of the tree close to your house. It helps to cover the sunlight in the afternoon. You can also add some plants to keep the air fresh. Don’t forget to apply wooden material anytime you want to renovate the area. Indeed, applying a country-style model is fun and simple to do, along with a maximal result. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money to apply to this theme at home.  

Inspired Homes With Fluffy Sofas Under Traditional Chandelier

It is okay if you want to have a formal living room at home. It means you don’t need to use a lot of furniture and accessories. Make sure that what you put in the living room is useful. Let say you can put a sofa set, along with a wooden table. Putting a cabinet in the corner of the room is also a great idea to give more storage. You can keep some important items there. Hang a chandelier that a little bit far from the sofa. The idea is to keep the area getting enough light. The most important thing is that this room also gets enough fresh air anytime you open the door and windows. In the end, you can still feel the country style home decor idea there. 

Now, you have a lot of references to remodel a room with a country style home decor. Most of them are simple to apply. All you have to do is considering the crucial elements of a country-style home, including the use of wood material, soft colors, nature themes, good air circulation, and light. Applying a country style home decor doesn’t always deal with the size of the room. You only have to understand the way to manage the furniture and other items without overwhelming the area. As a result, you will have a new room that looks fresher and cozier than before.   

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