9 Simple Bamboo Sticks Decoration Ideas

Creative people can create something cool with any materials even if it is only bamboo sticks. Check the simple bamboo sticks decoration below. You may not think that bamboo sticks can be a fantastic decoration for your home


Bamboo Sticks For Gate

Let say you have a lot of long bamboo sticks, you can create a great gate. Lay the bamboo sticks flat on a surface. Glue the sticks with wood glue. Make sure that the bamboo sticks cling firmly. Don’t use a hammer or nail on the bamboo sticks because it cracks them. That’s it! You have a simple gate but it looks natural. 

Outdoor Lighting

Bamboo Sticks For Outdoor Lighting

Use a large bamboo timber and cut it in a diagonal shape. Then, create the same shape but smaller than it. Imagine that you are about to create small containers for the bulbs with bamboo. Take small yellow bulbs and put them inside the bamboo containers. It is a cool bamboo sticks decoration that creates a romantic and calm atmosphere.  

Garden Bench 

Bamboo Sticks For Garden Bench

Make your garden look more relaxing by adding a bamboo garden bench. You need several bamboo poles and steel wire. Lay the bamboo poles on a surface and tie them with the steel wire like when you create a bamboo gate. Then, use two shorter poles to create the feet of the bench. Connect them to create a bamboo bench. Now, you have a spot for relaxing by adding this bamboo sticks decoration product. 

Bamboo Sticks Decoration Ideas

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