14 Awesome Beach House Bedroom Ideas

The reason to create a beach house bedroom is that it feels peaceful. The characters of a beachy bedroom are using bright, light, and clean colors,  including blue, green, tan, white, pale yellow, and grey. You also have to use specific materials for the furniture such as wicker, cane, and bamboo to strengthen the beachy ambient.

The idea is bringing the atmosphere of the beach to the room. Besides remodeling the furniture, colors, and accessories, it is important to make sure that the bedroom has enough natural light. You can open the windows and curtains in the morning to let the sunlight passes through the room. It is not only giving enough light but also warm and better airflow.

Here, we have several cool beach house bedroom ideas you can apply at home. A simple touch will make a bedroom looks pleasant, and it improves your sleeping quality. The best thing is that it seems that you always close to the beach.   

Make your bedroom clean, tidy, and pleasant by combining neutral and soft colors, such as navy blue, white, and brown. Keep the colors balance so the bedroom doesn’t look full. The image shows that the bedroom is using white for the walls, navy blue for the curtains and bed cover, and brown for the floor and rug. 

White is a brilliant idea to create a pleasant bedroom. Then, you can give a touch of a little bit of blue, brown, and black. The use of wooden furniture makes the room feel warm. Don’t forget to open the windows if there is amazing scenery outside. The scenery looks like a painting or background for the bedroom. 

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Simple and pleasant are two crucial things to create a beach house bedroom. The bedroom above is only using a master bed, two cabinets, table lamps, a rounded chair, and a hanging fan. The use of a glass door, glass windows, and white curtains are brilliant so the bedroom still gets enough sunlight without opening it.  

Do you want to see sunrise and sunlight every day inside the bedroom? Use glass doors and windows without a curtain. Then, put your master bed facing the windows or door. Mix it with the use of soft colors such as white, cream, and pale brown. A wooden ceiling and a unique hanging chandelier will make your bedroom warm. 

Creating a bedroom that looks like a deck is also a brilliant idea to have a beachy room at home. You can build a bedroom by using wood instead of bricks. Paint the wood walls and ceiling with white color. The use of a rolling glass door will make the room spacious. Indeed, you will have a bedroom with good air and light circulation. 

You may like white because it looks simple and clean. It is okay if you want to apply this color to create a pleasant bedroom with a beach atmosphere. You only have to give a touch of beach in the white room, such as beach theme artworks and colorful flowers. This simple combination gives you a great place to take a rest and sleep. 

You can also mix rustic and beachy home designs to create a different atmosphere than ordinary models. Use wooden furniture and brown interior. Give texture to the bedroom by applying a bed cover with stripes pattern and a patterned rug. You can also use the walls to hang artworks, photos, or paintings. 

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You can even apply for a beach home bedroom in a small room. Put a mattress in a wooden mattress frame. Add a small wooden chair and use it as a table. Hang a hanger on the wall as a wardrobe of your clothes. Then, add some accessories that strengthen the beachy ambient such as a rattan curtain and fish artworks. 

One of the keys to creating a cozy atmosphere in a beach home bedroom is not mixing too many colors. The image above shows that the designer only uses three colors to bring a beachy atmosphere to the room. The supportive colors, such as pale blue brown support the white color as the main color in the room. Indeed, you get the beachy ambient.

You can also make the bedroom looks natural by applying rattan and wooden materials. Putting a big size mattress on a wooden and rattan mattress frame looks simple but it feels comfortable. Choose other accessories with a similar theme such as using a table lamp with a brown lamp cover, brown photo frames, a rattan storage box, and a rattan rug.  


You may don’t have a bedroom near a beach, but you can still bring the atmosphere. Cover your bed with a white cover and mix it with a cover with white and blue stripes. You can also create a custom pillow or pillow covers, along with words that remind you of the beach such as sail and away. Use other ornaments such as a photo of your favorite boat, beach, and many more.  

The use of beachy ornaments has an important role to strengthen the atmosphere in the room. You can use ornaments that are related to a beach such as a blanket or a pillow cover with a fish pattern, beach artwork, octopus statue, anchor miniature, and many more. It looks simple but you will have the most pleasant beachy room ever. 

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Bold colors are also outstanding for a beach home bedroom. For example, you can apply dark blue on the wall instead of using white color. Then, make the room balanced by applying pale brown for the floor. Indeed, you have to apply specific materials such as wood and rattan. Now, you have a comfortable bedroom to sleep in for a few hours.  

You can create a bedroom like a bedroom in a ship. Use navy blue as the base color and combine it with white stripes for the walls. Then, use round mirrors to make them look like a window in a ship. The mirrors will also make the room looks bigger than the actual size. The point is that you can apply so many things to create a beach home bedroom. The most important thing is that you know the basic components you need to apply in the room. In the end, you will have an amazing bedroom with a beachy ambient that improves your sleeping quality.

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