23 Colourful Bathroom Ideas for Your Home Design

In the construction of a new house, you can find colourful bathroom ideas. The bathroom is a component that is considered when building a house. Starting from the colour selection, ceramics, to the shape of the bathtub. Everything will be thought out carefully and thoroughly.

The selection of each section will also consider the harmony, so you will get an aesthetic bathroom. What you must pay attention to from making a bathroom is starting from the position, colour, and shape.

If you are a cheerful person, you can try using yellow and orange to colour your bathroom. You can also give the impression of wood colour on your bathroom floor. Besides that, you can also add some flowers to the vase to beautify the room.

You can also place a flower vase near the sink, you can use a white sink, bathtub, and table. Besides that, you can also put a box-shaped glass in front of the sink.

Colours You Can Use to Design Your Bathroom

Not only yellow colour that you can use, but you can also design your bathroom using wallpaper. You can mix and match the use of colourful wallpapers with white ceramics with a ratio of 50:50. This technique can make the bathroom look more attractive.

In addition to combining plain wall colours with decorations and the use of wallpaper, you can also use ceramics that have motifs. Patterned ceramics with a combination of various blue and green elements are used as the focus of the room by attaching them to the floor and walls of the shower area.

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A rectangular white tile is attached to another wall to neutralize the nuances in the bathroom to keep it together. Besides bringing out a different aura, the bathroom also feels crowded with a variety of colours that are present because of the ceramic motif elements.

Add a little industrial element through ceramic that resembles a brick. Therefore, this colourful bathroom combines industrial and vintage elements in harmony.

If you want a different colour and feel for your bathroom, you can also choose to use a combination of terracotta or brick colours. This colour is very popular with many people, you can also combine it with neutral colours like black or white to make it look more colourful.

Use White to Blend Other Patterns and Colours

On the bathroom floor, install tiles in terracotta, black, and white circular pattern. As an alternative, you can alternate white and terracotta ceramics. Use white ceramic on the part that will be used as a shower area.

You may be bored with white bathrooms, but you also do not like bathrooms with too many decorations. Then you can try using neutral colours like white as the dominant colour in the bathroom.

Dominant does not mean that everything is white, you can still give a little touch of some colours or some motifs to add comfort when you are in the bathroom. You can use simple patterned ceramics on the floor and one side of the wall.

In the process of combining or designing a bathroom, even though you want a colourful bathroom you still must include white elements. Because white is a neutral colour, so you can make it a balancing colour so that the bathroom looks aesthetically pleasing.

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Colourful Bathroom Ideas

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