20 Country Style with Rustic Colors for Living Room Ideas

Some homeowners love to apply a country style home decor because it makes their houses feel warm and comfortable. It is also a versatile model in which you can mix and match the design with a variety of accessories. Let say, you can apply a country-style model with rustic colors for living room. Here, we have several cool rustic color ideas for your living room.

Rockwood Red

Rockwood Red Rustic Colors For Living Room

Some home interior designers often apply rockwood red to strengthen the rustic atmosphere in a room. This color makes your country living room feels warm and cozy. You can also mix and match this color with other colors and accessories to make the room eye-catching. It is a perfect color if you want to give a touch of the natural element in the living room.

Hazelnut Cream

Hazelnut Cream Rustic Colors For Living Room

Hazelnut cream has an opposite effect compared to rockwood red. This color is one of the neutral colors. It is a perfect color for a small or medium living room. The soft and bright characters of this color make your small living room feels more spacious than the actual size. You may try to apply hazelnut cream for an alternative if you don’t want to use a pure white color. This color closes to white but warmer. Apply this color to your rustic furniture and wood beams.  

Warm Stone

Warm Stone Rustic Colors For Living Room

Colors that strengthen the natural ambient of the living room are perfect for county style home decor. One of them is a warm stone color. At a glance, this color looks like a gray color. The difference is that warm stone is a lighter gray color, along with a little bit brown. This mixture is similar to the color of a real stone.  

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Blush White

Blush White Rustic Colors For Living Room

Some of you maybe can’t lose a white color. This neutral color is easy to apply and it makes the room looks neat. You can apply this color in your country style with a rustic color living room improvement project. Combine a white color with some greenery to make your living room fresher and cleaner. This combination makes the living room brighter. It seems that you or your guests want to stay there for a few hours to relax.

Dusty Blue

Dusty Blue Rustic Colors For Living Room

Do you want to try a new color without losing the rustic and country style model? If it is so, you can apply a dusty blue color. This color is soft and it looks like a pale blue. It seems that this color is inspired by the beauty of the blue color in the sky. Combining this color with white will make your living room so relaxing and fresher.   The point is that you can have a cozy country style with a rustic atmosphere by only playing with colors. The rustic colors for living room idea above give a significant effect to the room. Your living room can be one of the most relaxing rooms at home by the time you apply the colors above. It seems great to welcome guests there or spend time for a few hours in this living room while reading books, drinking, or snacking.  

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