Elegant Egyptian Themed Bedroom Decoration Ideas

The Egyptian-themed bedrooms are one of the best ideas to apply. It can give a beautiful and unique nuance in your private area. Spending many hours there will be so fun. 

Egyptian is a country that attracts so many people because of its beauty and culture. You may straightly remember several things there such as the pyramid, sphinx, dessert, and so on. 

Applying that kind of decoration at living room is maybe not that tricky. However, how if you want to create that decor in your bedroom? Is it possible to do that effectively? 

What You Need to Buy Egyption Decoration

It must be known that everything is possible. Nowadays, various kinds of Egyptian decorations are available. Someone can buy them from the online or even the offline stores. 

Furthermore, tons of references are also there. Internet is the best place to find so many ideas about creating Egyptian decoration in a bedroom. You can see clearly about everything. 

Those are like what color must be chosen, where to place an accessories, and so on. You can even decorate that room by yourself as long as the accessories are right. What is that? 

Below are several recommendations to know so that you will effectively buy the things. Take a note and check these lists to help creating one of the best Egyptian styles in a bedroom.

Black Cat 3D Painting

Black Cat 3d Painting

It was stated before that the slim black cat with his yellow eyes are always related to Egypt. That is why; that will be great if you hang the black cat painting in the wall. 

This painting is different since the cat is in a 3D concept. For the information, the black cat Bastet shows the symbol of a goddess of fertility and also joy. It is a hearth-keeper too. 

Basically, this item is not only made from acrylics, but also the combination of the black and golden leather. The size is 33x43cm and the frame is made from a high-quality wood. 

Available at Etsy

Egyptian Symbol Pillow

Egyptian Symbol Pillow

Bedrooms cannot be separated from some items such as pillows. That is why; having that product is really recommended. It is a 16 x 16 inches pillow dominated by black color. 

The Egyptian symbol is printed there. The symbol is like an eye and listed in golden lines. Can you imagine that? The black and golden combination creates a luxurious taste as well. 

Since the size of this pillow is not that huge, you must consider it with the bedroom. However, you can also place it in a sofa or chair which is placed in that area. It is so amazing.

From Zazzle

Gold Hieroglyphs In a Black Lumbar Pillow

Gold Hieroglyphs In A Black Lumbar Pillow

The concept of this item is almost the same as the Egyptian symbol above. The different thing in that the patterns. It is not the Egyptian symbol, but the elegant gold hieroglyphs.

Basically, that is like the ancient symbols and writings used in Egypt. You can order the square shape or rectangular one with the size of 13 x 21 inches. The choice is yours for that decision. 

Always consider it with the size of your bed, sofa, etc. It is important to make it is looked good. Furthermore, this pillow is made from the grade A cotton and machine washable as well. 

Buy it from Zazzle

Ancient Egyptian Bedding Set

Ancient Egyptian Bedding Set

It is actually a safe and simple step to create Egyptian decoration. Just buy the bedding set with that theme and you are done. In this case, make sure the motifs and colors are right. 

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One of the recommendations in this bedding set. There are so many motifs to choose such as the pyramid, ancient symbols, etc. All are made in comfortable and high–quality polyester fabric.

Don’t worry because 3 different bedding sizes are available with the pillow as well. That is why; you can say that it is a complete package to get the right Egyptian decor theme easily. 

From Amazstyle

Modern Simplicity Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set

Modern Simplicity Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set

This cover set is different than the common one. It shows the Egyptian look in a more modern and luxurious taste. This item is dominated by white colors and some golden motifs there. 

The pattern looks really classic. In addition, to give you all the comforts, this item is made from grade 1 soft pieces of cotton. In a set, buyers will get various kinds of products. 

Those are 1 duvet cover, 1-bed sheet, and 2 pillowcases. This modern Duver set is suitable if your house has the concept of the classic thing. It is also great for people who love the simplicity and neat look. 

Available at Articture

Egyptian Statue Mirror

Egyptian Statue Mirror

This mirror is like a must-have item in the bedroom. That thing will help you to do the makeup or check the overall look. For this case, this Egyptian statue mirror is a super-smart option.

This stuff is so beautiful because it is made from glass, resin, and acrylic construction. To make it shines more, the gold and silver finish is then applied. The mirror is round. 

Then it was decorated with the Egyptian symbol and two small statues are placed under the mirror. There is no other thing to say. This is for sure a must-have item for your bedrooms. 

Available at Walmart

Legend Egypt Limited – Bedding Set 2 

Legend Egypt Limited – Bedding Set 2

Do you want to use something unique, glamorous, and Egyptian for a bedroom? This limited bedding set is truly the solution. It is dominated by gold and black colors. There is one more thing. 

It has a sided-print area of three typical statues in Egypt. The same printing is also equipped in two pillowcases which are included in this package. How about the materials used? 

This bedding set is made from polycotton quilt and poly blend/cotton as filling. This item can change your bedroom nuance easily. It is also great to be used as a gift for your lovely ones. 

Available at Owls-team

Cat God Bastet Sticker

Wall Decal Ancient Egypt Egyptian Cat God Bastet

Maybe some of you are having the plain wall and don’t know how to do with that to give the Egyptian look. Don’t worry because this cat God Bastet sticker will do the job effectively. 

As it is named, the object of this sticker is an ancient black cat sitting and wearing its unique accessories. Those are like the necklace, earrings, and so on. The sizes are also varied. 

The examples are S, M, L, and XL. It gives you an extra option to buy based on the size of a bedroom. Besides that, it is also great to be attached to the living room, cafe, and so on. 

Get this at Ebay

Pyramid Jewelry Box

Pyramid Jewelry Box

Egypt is thick with the pyramid. That is why; it is a great idea to place the miniature of it in your bedroom idea. The jewelry box with that shape is now available to buy. It is like the real one. 

This box has a bronze color. The whole material is made from the composite resin, hand-painted, and then polished individually. That is why; it is so exclusive to have. 

The size is 6” wide and 6” in length. It will be great to place this box in your makeup area where you can store the necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry there. Try it. 

Available at ebrosgift

Nefertiti Egyptian Queen Five Panel Canvas Wall Art Home Decor

Nefertiti Egyptian Queen Five Panel Canvas Wall Art Home Decor

Bringing art into your bedrooms will be great. It means that choosing this canvas panel is a must. It is a printed painting set and consists of five panels. They are varied from small to big ones. 

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The object itself is a beautiful queen wearing a traditional hat. She holds a lantern where the background there is the ancient hieroglyphs. The gradation is amazing and making it valuable. 

Overall, this painting is suitable for any types of bedroom. When ordering, you can choose to buy with or without the frame. Place them in a wall-side and it will be so stunning. 

From Etsy

Pyramid Printed Canvas Panels Wall Art

Pyramid Printed Canvas Panels Wall Art

Basically this items is quite similar with the product above, but there are some differences. First the object is the original pyramid, sands, and epic sky above the object. What’s next? 

This painting consists of 4 rectangular panels in the same sizes. This painting will perfectly fit your bedrooms wall or even in a living room. The pyramid gives a strong taste of Egypt. 

It is also a good idea to place this painting in your office or business places. The examples are in the cafe, restaurant, hotels, and so on. That may give the different taste there to attract people.

Available at Etsy 

Pharaoh Egyptian Mummy King Canvas Five Piece Wall Art

Pharaoh Egyptian Mummy King Canvas Five Piece Wall Art

Some of you maybe want to get the mysterious thing for decorating. Something really strong, but still represents Egypt really well. This canvas with mummy king picture is the recommendation. 

There are five different panels in a set where you can order them framed or unframed. For the information, it is the printed one. That is why; it looks so real, neat, and aesthetic too. 

To make it fits perfectly to your bedroom, please ensure to choose the right sizes. There are three different options such as medium, large, and extra large. All come in a great quality and material.

From Etsy

Egyptian Style Bed Cover Set in Brown And White Color

Egyptian Style Bed Cover Set In Brown And White Color

This bedding set is like a complete story and culture printed in an item. It is because you are able to see various different things about Egypt. Examples are hieroglyphs and black sphinx cat. 

Furthermore, some male and females Egyptians are also designed there. It seems that they are doing a religious activities or dance. It looks so authentic and unique because of the culture. 

You will love the color of this set. It comes in a beautiful gradation of dark and soft brown. The white shades are also there. Meanwhile, various kinds of sizes are also available to choose. 

Available at Etsy

Ancient Greece Gallery Wall Illustrations

Ancient Greece Gallery Wall Illustrations

This wall decoration is different. These illustrations are made in a high quality paper which is strong and has the deep texture. Then the brown frame will be used to make this thing is perfect. 

There are three different paper styles to choose. Those are the smooth matte, canvas texture, and the premium canvas paper. The grade 1 archival printer ink is the tool to make it. 

That can create the vibrant and wonderful image. The good thing is that this wall decoration will stay last for many years in frame. This decoration is not only really Egyptian, but also vintage. 

Available at Etsy

Egyptian Hieroglyphs 3 Piece Bedding Set

Egyptian Hieroglyphs 3 Piece Bedding Set

This item offers a different thing, especially for its motif. That is actually the ancient hieroglyphs where the background color used is brown. The polyester material makes it is so comfortable. 

However, it comes in the queen size where two pillowcases are included in this set. Overall, this product really have the Egyptian decoration and it is recommended to combine it with white shades. 

The pictures are printed using the modern technology. That is why; It is so great and having the grade 1 quality. Make sure to treat it properly to always maintain the look and good materials.

Available at Amazon

Egyptian Art Depicting Eyes Coverlet Set

Egyptian Art Depicting Eyes Coverlet Set

The depicting eye pattern is one of the most popular arts which is related to Egypt. You can bring it home, especially in a bedroom by using this bedding set.  Its mosaic style is really stunning. 

This set is king size and dominated by the brown-orange color. The depicting eye itself has printed in navy blue shades and other matching colors. You will easily love this thing. 

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The grade-1 fabric material is used to give more comforts. In a set, it consists of three products. Those are 1 king bedspread and 2 shams. It is oversize type so that it can cover the side area too. 

Available at Amazon

3D Night Light Egyptian Pharaoh 

3d Night Light Egyptian Pharaoh

This item is really interesting. The sphinx pharaoh will easily gives the difference nuance in your bedroom or other rooms at home. It is equipped with the LED light which can change its colors. 

The corded-electric is used as the power sources. Meanwhile, the shade material is plastic. This projection light has 7 different lights such as green, purple, blue, yellow, and many more again. 

The automatic change mode is also available where the shade may change in certain time. Your kids will feel so safe at night. Place it in a table or near the bed to get the aesthetic look.

Available at Amazon

Pyramid Sphinx Wall-Mounted Home Decoration

This tapestry is 59 x 51 inches in size. That is why; it will be looked amazing to attach in your wall. The pyramid sphinx concept makes you feel standing in Egypt for real. It is so amazing. 

That product is made from Polyester so that it is a multi-function one. Besides using as a wall decoration, you can make this thing as a comfortable blanket. It has the soft and durable materials. 

Other ideas to use this item is to make it is a curtain or table cloth. That is going to enhance your artistic nuance at home, especially in a bedroom. The small and large sizes are available. 

Available at Amazon

Ancient Egyptian Bedding Set

Egyptian Bedding Set

This bedding set is looked ancient and elegant at the same time. It is dominated by the black colors where the patterns are printed in gold. Those are becoming a perfect combination of decoration. 

The ancient motif can be seen from several birds there such as eagle. The line, patterns, and so on are so thick of Egypt cultures. It will fit to any concept of room decor that you have so far. 

To make it becomes the focal point, use plain or pastel color for the whole wall areas. There are 3 different sizes available for this item such as twin, queen, king, and Californian king. 

From Amazstyle

The Egyptian Decor Is Easier to Apply in a Wide Area

It cannot be doubt anymore that the easiest way to create that decor is in a wide and high area. It is because you need some column, lines, and statue. This style has some elements to have. 

One of the characteristic of the ancient Egyptian style is the warm colors and many gold element. You must know that the people of Egypt love the wall decorations so much. 

Examples are paintings, hieroglyphs, and more. That is why; you must pay attention to that detail when designing this kind of interior. That is the important point. 

Egyptian Themed Bedrooms Ideas

Egyptian Themed Bedrooms

The first thing that you will notice when you open the door to this room is the beautiful wooden bed. Once you have fully explored the bedroom, opening the door to the porch will lead to a secret passage. Use the hieroglyphic decoder to solve the message on the wall for another surprise!

Egyptian Style Bedroom

Egyptian Style Bedroom Will Make You Feel Like Home

Egyptian Style Bedroom

There are six bedrooms in this guest room and each bedroom has its own bathroom. The ceiling is painted gold and there are several gold pharaoh ornaments on the wall.

Egyptian Style Bedroom That You Wil Totally Like It
Egypt Bedroom

With an Egyptian-inspired theme, this bedroom has all the elements of a royal bedroom. The window accents are reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian artisans, and the plain bed looks like fine porcelain.

The Finishing Touch 

Due to the color as the finishing touch, the warm shades that represent the hot climate is the best option to have. The examples are orange, brown, yellow, cream, blue, up to the green. However, you should remember that gold is an integral aspect. That must be shown from any furniture, textiles, or decorations used for your Egyptian-themed bedrooms.

Elegant Egyptian Themed Bedroom Decoration Ideas

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