14 Floating Glass Shelves Decoration Ideas

Decorative Floating Shelves are the space-saving, decorator’s secret weapon. They’re perfect for everything from displaying books to showcasing collectibles or organizing office supplies.

Decorative Floating Glass shelves are perfect for covering up unsightly bookshelves or tabletops. They’re also great for displaying decorative objects, treasures from all over the world or displaying crafty and decorative objects in your home.

Why Should You Use Floating Glass Shelves?

Among the variety of decorator tools, the glass shelves play a vital role to decorate the home. They’re very important for their appropriate uses.

You can easily install glass shelves in any corner and place them wherever you want them to be. Use them for storing small decorative items, photos, photo frames, candles and many more things.

Floating Glass Shelves Ideas

Modern Overhang Glass Bathroom Shelf

Modern Overhang Glass Bath Shelf

The Modern Overhang Glass Bath Shelf is a contemporary and great looking shelf with all the modern functionality. The shelves are 18” wide and can hold up to 27 pounds per shelf. The brackets are zinc-plated steel offering a sleek and modern look. The glass top offers added stability when your using the shelf in a bathroom or other wet location.

Manhattan 3 Tier Glass Shelf

Manhattan 3 Tier Glass Shelf

The Manhattan 3 Tier Glass Shelf is a practical and great-looking wall-mounted shelf with all the modern functionality. The shelf has three shelves supported by satin nickel-colored fittings and is perfect for any bathroom decor styles.

Floating Round Glass Shelf

Floating Round Glass Shelf

The Round Floating Glass Shelf is the perfect addition to any room. The shelf has three levels consisting of 24mm thick round glass, which leaves a weighty impression and look with its exquisite and elegant design. It is also highly transparent, so you can now enjoy the beautiful inner color of everyday life.

Recycled Glass Hanging Box Shelf

Recycled Glass Hanging Box Shelf

Our hanging glass box shelves are made from recycled metal and glass. This makes them beautiful, unique, and also functional. Wall shelves are a perfect way to turn your unused storage space into something you can show off. These wall shelves make a fab wedding present or new home gift.

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The shelves of our store are made from recycled glass and metal, which reduces the amount of unwanted waste.

Dasheika Floating Shelf

Dasheika Floating Shelf

The Dasheika Floating Glass Shelf is a very modern and stylish shelf which, when hung, gives the illusion of a floating effect within your room. Dasheika Floating Shelf is a very modern and stylish shelf which, when hung, gives the illusion of a floating effect within your room. Glass shelves are great with any decor simply because they are glass. The clear, transparent shelves gives a light and airy feel to any room.

Uttermost Auley Gold Wall Shelf

Uttermost Auley Gold Wall Shelf

This beautiful iron wall shelf will add elegance and functionality to any room. This beautiful iron wall shelf will add elegance and functionality to any room. The sturdy tempered glass shelves are designed with a raised lip which helps prevent scratching against your wall as it hangs. The gold tone antique finish on this shelf will make any piece look classy and expensive while adding some warmth to the décor of your room.

Silver Mirrored Glass Shelves

Silver Mirrored Glass Shelves

This beautiful set of two Silver Mirrored Glass Shelves Floating Wall Shelf Display Ledges is perfect for all your hanging needs. These floating shelves are the perfect addition to any decor space especially in the bathroom for a touch of glamour.

Curved Corner Shelves

Curved Corner Shelves

Our 12″ Curved Corner Floating Glass Shelf, C12, uses our patented tongue and groove installation system. Hence, there is no need to purchase a fixture to install this shelf.

The Floating Glass Shelving is a unique option that architects, designers, and homeowners alike love. No other shelving can match the look that we offer

Glass Lighted Shelves

Glass Lighted Shelves

You can easily achieve even lighting throughout your glass shelving with our one-of-a-kind LED lighted glass shelving system. Equipped with our system, even iridescence can be arrived at in various regions without any spot. When lights are off, glass is frosted and becomes a pricey option for shelving.

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Floating Acrylic Glass Shelves

Floating Acrylic Glass Shelves

The Floating Acrylic Glass Shelves is a unique option that architects, designers, and homeowners alike love. The floating shelves are durable and safe for use in kitchens, bathrooms, closets and more. The clear acrylic glass front provides a beautiful finish while the heart-shaped design gives your shelf a clean minimalist look in your home or office.

Bathroom Glass Shelf with Towel Bar

Bathroom Glass Shelf With Towel Bar

6mm thick reinforced tempered glass is stronger than ordinary glass. It has high thermal strength and can resist shattering or cracking. The stools are firmly supported by rubber stoppers, but easily removed to be cleaned or managed. The glass shelf has a superb matte black finish for long-lasting anti-rust and durability. It is smooth and round with no sharp edges or corners.

Freyja Triple Glass Wall Shelf

Freyja Triple Glass Wall Shelf

Get this shelf to make your bathroom look more luxurious. It’s a great way to add character. This shelf is made up of three different tiers, providing plenty of space for storing things. The shelf is made of thick, durable glass and brass hardware.

24 Shot Glass Display Case for Wall Mount

24 Shot Glass Display Case For Wall Mount

Silver standoffs give the cabinet a modern look. The stand provides 4 groups, each overseeing 6 guns. The acrylic shelves are tall and give you the option of which glassware you would like to display.

This shelf includes clear acrylic shelving with front and back, silver standoffs, fits 24 shooters – 6 on each shelf, and easy side-loading displays.

Q. What are the different styles of decorative glass shelves?

A. Decorative floating glass shelves can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the most popular being triangular and square. We make 3 sizes of our shelves: 12″, 24″ and 36″

Q. Why should you use these floating shelves instead of regular bookshelves?

A. Whether you’re looking to save space, decorate your home or office, or display your items for all to see, Floating Glass Shelves are unique and perfect for your needs.

Q. How to Choose the Right Size and Placement of Your Glass Shelves

A. The sizes of our floating glass shelves are 12″, 24′ and 36″. To find out the size that will work best for your space, measure the width and depth of the area you’re trying to cover. Then, choose a shelf size that is as close to your measurements as possible, with about 3 inches on each side for mounting space. You can also choose to use both a 24″ and 36″ shelf for a larger coverage area.

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Q. How to Hang and Store Floating Glass Shelves

A. When hanging your shelves, the mounting hardware comes with a special piece that works to secure the glass shelf to your wall. You’ll need two screws for each shelf, though you can use more if necessary. To keep your floating shelves in place, you’ll want to anchor them tightly to the wall with the included screws.

Q. How to Remove Floating Glass Shelves

A. Removing a floating shelf is easy. First, use a screwdriver to remove the screws from the back of the shelf. Next, you can carefully slide the glass off of its brackets and loosen the brackets from your wall with a screwdriver.

Q. How to Clean Floating Glass Shelves

A. Cleaning your floating glass shelves is as simple as wiping them down with a soft cloth and soapy water. To avoid scratching the glass, use a soft-bristle brush to dust off any particles that have fallen on the shelves.

Q. What are the Different styles of Decorative Glass?

A. We offer four different styles of hanging and floating shelves: Triangle, Square, Round and Octagon.

Q. More tips on how to decorate your home with the use of Floating glass shelves:

A. You can place the shelf on top of a coffee table, atop a nightstand or in between two pieces of furniture in order to create a unique setting for whatever you’re displaying on the shelf. You can also add a small clock or decorative figurine to the shelf to make your display even more eye-catching.

Q. What Items Can Be Displayed On Floating Glass Shelves?

A. The best items for displaying on floating glass shelves are those that are lightweight and able to be propped on their sides. Items such as commemorative plates, framed pieces of art and miniature figurines work well with floating glass shelves

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