6 Tips to Create French Style Decoration for Your Room

French style decoration is always a good choice for anyone who wants to make their room beautiful and sophisticated. The problem is mostly, we don’t know how to decorate like French. What kind of decoration we should use? Which color we should apply? Many other questions are popping up one by one in our minds when we are going to decorate ala French. So, we have taken a look at some of the French style rooms and come up with some of the revelation below about their decoration style.

Use Cubism Style 

Cubism Style 

Cubism is the common style you can find in many apartments and houses in France, especially Paris. It was inspired by the style of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque art. However, to make your room have the French style, you need to apply this design to many elements in your room. The decoration items are not the only ones. Try to use a Cubism painting pattern on the wall as well.

Make a Festival inside Your Room

Festival Inside Your Room

Create the standout decoration in your room that makes everyone who enters that room notice that decoration. We also found this style in many rooms in France, where they don’t only decorate one part of the room. But, almost the whole room has a connection through the decoration; either it is the paint color or the lighting like chandelier and such.

Aging Decoration

French Style Decoration Aging

Try to use antique decoration to add the French style into your room. Use an antique mirror and hang it on the wall across the windows to make it looks more standout. Or, choose the vintage style table with some of the scratch here and there to show the aging process. It makes the room feels more like a country home decor, which is also one of the trademarks of the French decoration style.

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Gold Decoration

French Style Gold Decoration

Luxurious is the element that you always find on many French style decoration. Therefore, you can add this color to your room decoration to give it this style. It could be anything. You can use it on the vase, frame, and even table legs. Even if it is just a small part, at least you can easily notice it; it will give you the vibe that you want.

Plants Decoration

French Style Plants Decoration

If you want to use plants for decoration, you can’t use plants or flowers with too many colors. Use the one-color flower or one type of flower without mixing it with other types. As for the color, you can try to use roses, hydrangea, or other flowers that have one color. More importantly, use the flower that also resemblance the luxury.

Use the Drapery

French Style Drapery Decoration

Drapery also can bring the French style to your room. Use the silk or linen that gives your room a romantic and chic vibe. Choose the bold color as well for improving the style.


Now, you are ready to use french style decoration. Choose and apply one of the tips we have above. Ask professionals, if necessary, to get the best result that you want.

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