18 Best Ideas of the Galaxy Themed Bedroom

A monotonous atmosphere makes you bored when you stay longer in it. A good bedroom is a place where you feel comfortable and relaxing maximally. A bedroom’s decoration takes an important deal with your mood. One of the recommended bedroom decorating ideas is Galaxy themed bedroom. It is helpful to decorate your bedroom to look unique and attractive with a galaxy theme. These are some decorating ideas to apply this bedroom theme decoration. 

Using Himalayan Salt Lamp 

Tula Color Changing Himalayan Salt Lamp

One of the decorating ideas is using a Tula Color Himalayan salt lamp. It offers three colour choices giving a Galaxy look. Those are purple, green, and pink. This lamp presents a calm light in your bedroom. It has no fragrance so that it doesn’t make you vomit. It is also working to reduce ion that is potential to the environment. It uses one 14 W bulb to brighten up your bedroom. It has a USB port to the plugin with a crystal look with plastic material. 

Available at Kohls

Same God Who Created Mountains Galaxies And Oceans Poster

Same God Who Created Mountains Galaxies And Oceans Poster

One of the decorating ideas for Galaxy themed bedroom is applying ocean posters. The posters have a colour gradation looking suitable for the Galaxy theme. Your wall is a reflection of your personality so that you can apply this galaxy poster. It has a unique message on this poster because it has a meaningful sentence. The colour gradation makes this poster look like a Galaxy and space. It is ideal for people loving the arts and photo reproductions. It offers a matte result with a soft surface. It is available in a special size up to 60 inches. If you want to adjust its frame, it is available in custom. 

Check it at Zazzle

Choosing Space Duvet Cover Set 

Space Duvet Cover Set

Space duvet cover set can be a bedroom decorating item. It has a colour gradation theme with a nebula dark galaxy. It consists of a cover set with pillow shams. It is made of high-quality fabric material with a comfortable fabric and modern look. It is available in king, queen, and twin size. This cover set is possibly applied to any bedroom styles. It has maximum strength and ultra comfort for sleeping soundly. It offers a low treatment in which you can wash it with cool water. 

Available at Walmart

Using Moon Carpet 

Moon Carpet

To complete a Galaxy themed bedroom, you can choose a moon carpet. It is a carpet with a moon theme. You can see the earth on the carpet. It has a cool galaxy pattern for your bedroom. It makes your bedroom more artistic. It is made of high-quality coral fleece fabric which is very soft and gentle. An interlayer foam sponge will add comfort. It has non-slip latex support increasing the safety when you use this carpet. It is a carpet with an easy treatment because you can remove dust and stain easily from the surface of the carpet.

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Available at Luminousoul

Installing Personalized Constellation Name Wall Set 

Installing Personalized Constellation Name Wall Set

Your Galaxy bedroom will look more interesting with a constellation name decal wall set. Every set of wall stickers include one personal sticker, six constellation stickers, and individual star stickers. Those can create a Galaxy theme on the bedroom wall. The personalized name wall set is only available in four sizes. You can install it based on the size order. You can install it easily because it offers directions. The stickers are recommended for dry and clean walls. Overall, the name wall set stickers are perfect to make a themed bedroom design. 

Available at Projectnursery

Hanging on Purple Galaxy Clock 

Purple Galaxy Cluster Large Clock

To add your Galaxy theme, you can select a galaxy clock. This clock takes a Galaxy theme so that it makes the bedroom look so Galaxy. It has a large size with a purple galaxy pattern. It has a round size looking eye catching to your bedroom. It is available in two sizes with a great quality and acrylic print process ensuring the quality. The two sizes are 8 inches for a medium diameter and 10.7 inches for a big diameter. The material of this clock is grade A acrylic material. You need the support of an AA battery. If you want to add photos, text, and arts, it is possibly conducted. 

Available at Zazzle

Putting Safavieh Galaxy Rug 

Safavieh Galaxy Kalden Astronomy Area Rug

When you see the design of this galaxy rug, you will get amazed at the colour gradation details. It represents the space area looking at this rug. It changes the great space to be a paradise with enchanting colours. It also has a shining highlight with soft material. The canvas is amazing for the galaxy bedroom decoration. It is made of 100% polypropylene. You can clean it easily though it is an area rug. When you want to use it, you should prevent direct sunlight because it changes the colour of this rug. It becomes an instant solution to refresh your galaxy bedroom. 

Available at Walmart

Taking Purple Teal Nebula Dream Moon Pillows 

Purple Teal Galaxy Nebula Dream Moon Phases

You can add a Galaxy themed bedroom with galaxy themed pillows. One of the pillow choices is the purple teal nebula dream moon pillow. It is designed by Anita’s and Bella’s Art. It presents with a genuine certificate. It has a signature and number showing its originality as the galaxy pillows. It is made of 100% spun polyester with a gentle faux down insert. It is closed with a hidden zipper. It gives a beautiful accent to your galaxy bedroom. The galaxy colours represent a space condition so that it looks nice to your galaxy theme. 

From Curioos

Decorating with Clairan Galaxy Comforter Set 

Clairan Galaxy Comforter Set

You can decorate your Galaxy bedroom with this comforter set. It is called the Clairan Galaxy comforter set having the main colours of black and pink. It is a twin comforter with 4 additional pieces making your sleeping more comfortable. It has a galaxy theme like moon, stars, and space lines. The comforter set is made of high-quality fabric making it more enjoyable during sleeping. It looks nice to combine with that galaxy stuff in your bedroom. It consists of a cover bed, blanket, and pillow shams to cover your bed. The combination of pink and black looks so unique. 

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From Wayfair

Designing Your Window with Deep Space Window Curtain 

Deep Space Window Curtain

If you want to make a Galaxy themed bedroom, you should choose some galaxy-themed items. One of the recommended items is a deep space window curtain to cover your bedroom windows. It has a galaxy themed colour, purple, blue, and black. It is available in a size of 52×58 inches in two pieces. It has one side printing detail. The ring diameter is 1.6 inch that can be installed easily with the standard curtain. It is washable with the washing machine which is suitable for dry cleaning. This curtain has no layer with the comforter for 80-90 per cent. 

Available at Walmart

Installing Universe Room Darkening Window Curtain in Navy 

Universe Room Darkening Window Curtain In Navy

If you dislike the deep space curtain, you may decorate it with this room darkening window curtain in navy colour. This curtain has a real galaxy theme in navy base colour. You can install it in your kids’ bedroom window. The colourful planets, fallen stars, and space items are printed in a blue space area. The navy space design will stimulate the imagination of your kids imagining the space. It is made of 100 % polyester so that it is comfortable to use in the bedroom. You can wash it with a washing machine easily. The panels of this window curtain are sold separately every 52 inches in size. 

Avaialble at Bedbathandbeyond

Choosing Galaxy Print Lamp 

Stellar Galaxy Print Lamp

To light your bedroom with a galaxy theme, you can buy this stellar galaxy print lamp. This lamp has a real galaxy-themed colour with a combination of purple, navy, and black. It is a table lamp with a white standing pole. It brightens up your bedroom with a special box in a lamp. The lampshade looks original and nice with brave photography and graphics to create an elegant impression. It is adding an instant style to the home decoration. You can select it to give a special accent. It has a 60-watt bulb to light your bedroom. It has a dimension of 20 inches with 2 lbs weight. It is available in polyester film, linen lamp, and rice paper. 

From Zazzle

Installing 3D Murals Galaxy Fluorescent Photo Wallpaper

Installing 3d Murals Galaxy Fluorescent Photo Wallpaper

You can cover a bedroom wall area with the right wallpaper. You should take a galaxy-themed wallpaper like 3D Murals wallpaper. It has a galaxy theme accentuating a galaxy look in the bedroom. It is a custom wallpaper in which you can order based on your bedroom size. This wallpaper consists of four materials that you can choose from. Those are straw texture, imitation leather, water-resistant canvas, and 3D murals materials. If you don’t custom it, it is commonly made of water-resistant canvas. The result of this 3D mural wallpaper is perfectly amazing with the combination of space colours. 

Available at Etsy

New Galaxy 3D Globe Moon Star Lamp 

New Galaxy 3d Globe Moon Star Lamp

If you require another table lamp, you can choose a new galaxy 3D globe moon star lamp. It has three combinations of 3D theme, galaxy colour, and globe moon star design. You can put this lamp in your bedroom to brighten up the surrounding. It represents all loves at home. It is perfectly great for your bedroom decoration details. It makes the bedroom look more creative and comfortable. It is made of eco-friendly plastic materials. It has a rechargeable built-in 300mAh battery. You can recharge the power in a power bank, adaptor, or computer. It will recharge fully in 1 to 2 hours for 6-8 hours usage. You can use an available remote control to change the light and brightness. 

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Cheering Up with 3 Space Capsule Window Galaxy 3D Astronaut Wall Sticker 

Cheering Up With 3 Space Capsule Window Galaxy 3d Astronaut Wall Sticker

Another wall sticker recommendation is 3 space capsule window galaxy wall stickers. It is suitable for your kids’ bedroom. It is available in the colour space in 3 capsule windows. It is made of fabric materials for covering window, wall, and floor. It is self-adhesive and a peel sticks so that it can install strongly on the bedroom walls. It is available in a size of 58×43 cm in vinyl. It has a high-quality vinyl material. You can apply and remove it easily on the walls. This sticker is unique because it has three space windows making you look like an astronaut plane. 

Selecting 3D Milky Way Outer Space Planet Window Wall Stickers

Amaonm Creative 3d Blue Cosmic Galaxy Wall Decals

You can cover your bedroom window with the right choice of 3D blue cosmic galaxy wall decor and milky way outer space planet window wall stickers. This sticker is suitable for both boys and kids’ bedroom windows. It is available in two pieces of 36 inch. It has a high-quality PVC material in which it is not toxic, eco friendly and water-resistant. The 3D technology creates an amazing view of the window changing your bedroom to be the magic milky way dreamscape. It doesn’t leave a spot on the window or walls when you install it. It is suitable to put on a dry surface. 

Available at Amazon

Using Planet Solar System Wallpaper 

Using Planet Solar System Wallpaper

Having a planet solar system look in the bedroom seems to be only a dream. You can make your dream come true with the planet solar system wallpaper. You can see the view of the earth. This handmade wallpaper is removable so that you can install it anytime. It is made of eco ink and 100% polyester which doesn’t require glue and paste when you install it. You almost don’t require any tools. Just remove it from the back paper and hang it on the bedroom walls. This wallpaper is suitable for soft and dry surfaces like walls, floor, glass, tiles, and windows. 

From Etsy

Liwarace Galaxy Projector

Liwarace Galaxy Projector

To design a Galaxy themed bedroom, you can set an alight night projector. It can project the Galaxy and space theme on the bedroom walls. This projector includes Bluetooth music speaker remoter control. It becomes the latest and unique projector combining high-resolution moon and stars while projecting it. The floating sky looks like calm sea waves. It enables you to have a different sleeping experience. Even, you can play your favourite music through a phone or USB flash drive. You can also activate music mode with this projector. It has a USB slot and moving sensor so that you can use it easily. 

Galaxy Themed Bedroom Ideas

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