8 Perfect Hanging Corner Shelves for Your House

Hanging corner shelves have been in trend recently as they offer space and design to your home. These shelves are known for their artsy design and can be used for displaying your books or souvenirs. These shelves are decorative, functional, and necessary for your home. A floating or hanging corner shelf comes in a variety of styles. It can be traditional, rustic, shabby chic, or modern. All of these shelves are sometimes are an excuse to buy tiny pieces.
Here we have compiled a list of different hanging corner shelves that can be used for storage and style. These are perfect for your living room, kitchen, and even your bathroom.

Hanging wood corner plant shelf wall mounted

Hanging Wood Corner Plant Shelf Wall Mounted

First on the list is a handmade shelf made from paulownia wood. It is perfect for storage and decoration in any room. It can be used in your living room to organize your books, tiny plants, or candles. In your kitchen, it can use to arrange your coffee cups or utensils. Similarly, for your bathrooms, you can place your towels, nail polish, or soap dishes. It is easy to install and comes with a hanger. The product comes with excellent packaging and prompt shipping while giving a perfect feel with rustic metal and modern wood. It is an ideal present and a thoughtful housewarming gift.

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Available for $39.60 only!

UNIQUE Hanging Three Tier Corner Shelves

Unique Hanging Three Tier Corner Shelves

Next is another handmade masterpiece that comes with a modern touch. It is ideal for making your home spacious for plants, photo frames, books, candles, nail polish, etc. It is purely handcrafted for an all-natural finish, enhanced coloring, and protection. Each portion of the shelf is assembled with steel cables and stops and has a steel mounting fixture, making it an elegant masterpiece. This hanging shelf is a perfect gift for every occasion.

Available for $75.00

The Collective Corner Shelf Wall Shelf Macrame

The Collective Corner Shelf Wall Shelf Macrame

It is a two-story boho shelf with a geometric design that is perfect for your small to large decorations. It is handcrafted with thick, triangular-shaped wood attached to a cotton cord for the feel of a hanging corner shelf. A cotton braid is also attached at the front of each wooden tier, giving it a traditional bohemian feel. The hanging shelf comes ready in the box and is easy to install. For ceiling installation, ensure that you are using a drywall anchor.

Available for $65.00 only!

Rustic Hanging Swing Corner Shelve Solid Wood Rope Ladder Floating Shelf Storage

Details About Rustic Hanging Swing Corner Shelve Solid Wood Rope Ladder Floating Shelf Storage

It is a space-saving hanging corner shelf, which is perfect for storage and decorating your home. You can place it in your office, kitchen, or your living room. This rustic wood shelf can organize your plants, candles, books, mugs, etc. It is a three-tier shelf that has a loading capacity of 15 KGs. It is easy to install and comes it a wall anchor. Please note that it has a circular shape ideal for corner placements, not hanging in the air.

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Available for £10.89 only!

UNIQUE Hanging Three Tier Corner Shelves

Unique Hanging Three Tier Corner Shelves

Next, we have another handmade bookshelf, which can be used as a suspension shelf for your home. It has 16 inches of height, 12 inches of width, and a depth of 9 inches. The shelf can fit your books, frames, candles, cosmetics, and much more. It serves as a unique housewarming or birthday gift. It is crafted from solid hardwood – therefore, each of these shelves has its own unique design.

Available for $75.00 only!

King Do Way Hanging Corner Shelf 3 Tier

King Do Way Hanging Corner Shelf 3 Tier

It is a three-tier shelf that can be placed anywhere in your home. You hang this corner shelf in your bedroom to place your photo frames or your living room to place your plants and decoration pieces. You can adjust the height of the shelf by changing the size of the ropes. Moreover, it has a sponge placard at the back, which prevents your walls from damaging. It is made from natural, recycled wood which so it has no odor and a natural wooden texture.

Available for $18.89 and $17.89 only!

Bamboo Corner Hanging Shelf, Wooden Tray Held with Hanging Rope

Bamboo Corner Hanging Shelf

Next on the list is a small bamboo hanging shelf designed to be fixed in the corner, leaving no room for movement. The specialty of this shelf is that it can go with any decor and make your space elegant. It is made from 100% bamboo, which makes it durable and long-lasting.

Available for $12.97 only!

Air Pentagonal Corner Shelf, Corner Wall Hanging Wood Shelves

Air Pentagonal Corner Shelf

Lastly, we have a hanging wall shelf that you can install with just two thin nails! If you want to decorate your space with a quick and temporary décor, this is the best option! The installation of the shelf will take two minutes, while the removal takes less than a minute. It is available in various colors. Therefore, it can match any interior.

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Available for $40.00 only!

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