Installing the Glass Staircase: 5 Things You Should Know Before Installing in Your House

Glass material has been used in many elements in modern house interior design. In the past, people didn’t dare to use it because of its fragility. However, today’s modern house uses this material a lot to accentuate the room style. One of them is the glass stair panels. It is a popular design choice you can easily find on many houses today. This time, we are going to find more about the greatness of this stair panel style. 

What are the Benefits of a Glass Staircase?

Compared to wood or other material, the glass material will let the light shine through. It gives your stairs a spotlight. Moreover, this transparent material also adds a wider space effect. Your room feels more spacious and comfortable with it.

The glass staircase also is much easier to clean. If you use wood or other material, you need many processes to keep its color and condition. However, glass only needs a good glass cleaner to clean the dust and dirt. Do that every day, it will look sparkle and beautiful. So, there is no reason you didn’t choose this material for your staircase.

How Much Does A Glass Staircase Cost?

To get this beautiful staircase, you should prepare enough budgets to purchase it. Similar to other parts of your house, you need to pay for every foot of the glass staircase you installed in your house. The price is starting from $150 per foot to around $850 per foot. Mostly, we need at least 10 feet to cover the standard size of the staircase in a room. So, you must prepare around $1500 per project. However, the price can increase depending on the material you use, the city where you live, and the style of the staircase.

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Can You Replace Stair Spindles with Glass?

Yes, you can replace your stair spindles with glass spindles. That is the best solution for you that has a limited budget. The cost of stair spindles replacement is around one-third of the price for a full installation of the glass staircase. Furthermore, by changing the spindle, you also can improve the light flow. It makes your room brighter. Even though it is cheaper, you can only choose the best glass for your stair. 

What Type of Glass is used for Stairs?

There are two types of glasses used to create the glass staircases or spindles. The first type is tempered glass. It is the strongest glass type, which you use for stair steps. Then, there is the laminated glass, which is good for the spindle.

Are Glass Stair Railings Safe?

The glass for the stair railing has a unique design that can survive impact or provide protection. For example, tempered glass has very high durability, which makes it almost impossible to break. The laminated glass has a special surface that keeps its piece from spreading out when it is broken.

In short, the glass stair panels are not only the best addition to your room’s interior style. It also protects you and your family members.

Glass Staircase Ideas

Installing the Glass Staircase: 5 Things You Should Know Before Installing in Your House

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