22 Brilliant Mid Century Modern Decor Ideas to Implement in Your House

Mid century modern decor is one of the beautiful home decorations that is currently almost forgotten. Well, today’s people may prefer modern and minimalist decorations anyway. However, it doesn’t mean that the ideas that are popular around 20-50 years ago are out of date. They are still stunning. Meanwhile, you can also combine them with the ultra-modern home design that is popular currently. So, what does mid-century design look like? And how to apply them well at home? Here are some points to know.

A Combination of Modern and Vintage Designs

Vintage Mid Century Modern Decor

Finding examples of mid-century modern decoration is not as difficult as it seems. Maybe, you can just find them in your parents’ or grandparents’ houses. The home looks simple and modern but the furniture and decorations applied are vintage or classic. They are filled with retro elements like tables or chairs with thin legs or floral accents on the cushions and curtains. So, you will not find classical details like engraving there. Anything is just simple but you cannot say that they are modern also.

Playing with Colors

Mid Century Modern Decor Colors

The mid-century modern design is braver also to play with colors. While modern houses may focus on neutral colors to deepen the simplicity, mid-century one is just different. It is very good if you want to apply bright hues like red, green, orange, yellow, and others. However, those colors should still be combined well to avoid being too much. Besides, using a white background particularly for the interior is also still recommended. mainly if your house is not too big, it will still feel cozy and comfortable.

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Natural Elements

Natural Mid Century Modern Decor

Uniquely, many mid-century houses are also focused on the application of natural elements. What are they? Sure, they are things like wood, plants, flowers, and the likes. They are applied as furniture and details. Besides, plants and flowers are put here and there to make the decoration feel more refreshing. Slightly, it looks like some European styles like the modern Tuscan decoration. However, the application of natural elements in mid-century modern homes is more limited. The vintage look is what brings out more here.

Bohemian Details

Bohemian Mid Century Modern Decor

Well, the mid-century decoration refers to some ideas popular around the 60’s to 80’s. Those years are also times when the Bohemian style is followed by many people. Undeniably, the Bohemian style is unique and different. Therefore, you can apply some of them to the decoration. It is particularly if you are just confused with what details and decorations are better implemented.

It is good for any type of home interior

Interestingly, redesigning your house into a mid-century decoration is a simple thing. The furniture and ornaments are currently still widely available. Sure, if you want to save your money more, you can apply furniture from your grandparents’ houses. You can just repaint them or apply varnishes so that the furniture looks new. Moreover, this idea is good no matter how the house you have. If your house is quite small, you can just lessen the color elements to make the mid century modern decor not look too crowded.

Mid Century Modern Decor Ideas

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