Minimalist Traditional Japanese House Interior Ideas for You

The traditional Japanese house interior is a style that prioritizes minimalist appearance. The interior of a Japanese house has a specific character and looks distinctive compared to other styles. The Japanese-style interior design concept displays its distinctiveness in the use of consistent materials and very simple forms.

Japanese interior design’s concept maintains tradition, order, and balance that blends perfectly with nature. Japanese apartments tend to be small in size and prioritize privacy and it’s shown by taking advantage of the contrast between open spaces, various levels of floors and also comfortable corners.

Japanese interior aesthetics usually uses natural light, which emphasizes the elements that are related to outdoor spaces or nature. If you want to apply Japanese interiors, you can try some of the ideas below.

Neutral Colors and Lighting in Japanese Interior Design

Japanese apartments usually uses neutral color such as wood or stone’s colors. Usually, it also add a little touch of brown and a combination of black, white, grey, and a little red, displays a very minimalist and elegant visualization. Japanese home interiors are synonymous with brightness.

White usually is the basis for the color choices that are widely used. It’s one of the colors that express serenity in a Japanese home. When combined with the natural color of wood, it creates the perfect comfort and serenity.

Installation of lighting, usually it’s very focused on the type of concentrated enrichment or called task lighting. It’s very common and also used for general lighting. Lantern or decorative lamps usually used to emphasize the Japanese vibe.

Wall panels are used as decorative and barriers between spaces. Japanese are commonly known for using room dividers. With a material that has a combination of plain vertical and horizontal panels, which make the room feel simple yet unique.

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Adding Indoor Garden and Natural Style Furniture

Japanese’s design is all about showing the attachment to nature. So it’s very common and not strange at all if the concept brings many natural elements into the house. Water as one of the most important elements in Japanese culture, usually appears in the form of indoor pond. 

A fish pond in an indoor garden area is enough to show the nature Japanese style want to express. Natural elements in Japanese interiors usually also presented in the form of plants, especially bonsai types. It gives a strong Japanese touch to the room.

Small furniture is the standard used in Japanese homes. This is intended to provide flexibility in the room. Japanese design philosophy pays close attention to the circulation of space. The concept of sitting on the floor for the sitting room is the most common and widely encountered.

Tatami mats and some cushions are the typical furniture and accessories used. With one large low-altitude table as a centerpiece for gathering, the interior of a Japanese home’s living room or family room is very comfortable for the whole family. Anyone who visits is guaranteed to feel at home and comfortable.

Those are some tips you can follow to show the style of a traditional Japanese interior. Japanese-style interiors are in great demand because they prioritize comfort with their minimalist appearance.

Minimalist Traditional Japanese House Interior Ideas

Minimalist Traditional Japanese House Interior Ideas for You

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