19 Charming Modern Bohemian Decor

Recently, ideas of modern Bohemian decor are getting more popular. Yes, some people may love the design and then share theirs on social media like Instagram or Pinterest. Sure, it lets many others follow their steps to apply a similar idea. Undeniably, the Bohemian decor is really stylish. It gives an interesting and fun vibe. Moreover, the idea is dominated by bright and cheerful colors to make the home living look more beautiful and unique. So, are you interested in this idea? Some tips below may help you realize it.

Determining the Color Palette

Modern Bohemian Decor Color

Bohemian ideas are quite similar to some other designs including vintage or the modern Tuscan decoration. It needs light or even bright colors as the main theme. So, the first thing you should do is decide and determine the color palette. It is okay to choose a neutral color first like white. Mainly, it is when the home you have is quite small and not spacious. Choosing a neutral color also helps you in adding motives, patterns, and other accessories.

Unique vs. Conventional Furniture

Modern Bohemian Decor Furniture Vintage

A Bohemian or Boho idea is indeed related to the application of unique furniture and fixtures. For example, there are chandeliers in the form of a trapezoid, iron tables and desks, and more. Although you can buy some of those furniture pieces, it doesn’t mean that your house will be dominated by them. Make sure to still have some conventional furniture. A set of furniture with a vintage style is a good recommendation. The combination of them can just make the home look more beautiful but not too much.

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Ethnic Accessories and Decorations

Modern Bohemian Decor Furniture Ethnic

Another highlight of the implementation of the Boho home style is ethnic accessories and decorations. While some people are fanatic in typical Bohemian decorations only, you can actually apply the others. Things like a rug with Egyptian patterns or a curtain with a traditional Asian style can just be submitted to this idea beautifully. It also doesn’t reduce the sense of Bohemian at all. Ys, Bohemian itself refers to the nomadic lifestyle. So, any place on the earth can still fit well with this type of home design.

Experimenting with Various Patterns

Modern Bohemian Decor Patterns

Another key point in the Bohemian style is the patterns applied. You should be brave in experimenting and applying many types of patterns at once. It is okay even if the upholstery and the cushions have different rich patterns. This idea even defines the Bohemian style even more. That’s why; it is also recommended to have a plain wall decoration first. It is to save your home interior design particularly when it is narrow. The plain wall decoration tends to make the interior less crowded even if there are too many patterns applied here and there.


Modern Bohemian Decor Plants

Yes, the last important point for a perfect Bohemian home style is the application of plants. Provide some spots at home where you can put some pots of plants. Some of them can be green while others are colorful flowers to make the atmosphere of the modern Bohemian decor feel more cheerful.

Modern Bohemian Decor Ideas

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