24 Wonderful Modern Country Decor Ideas

Modern country decor is a smart alternative if you prefer touches of country, rustic, or American style but don’t want to be puzzled with too many details. Yes, it is because the decor mainly combines two different concepts. They are the country style that tends to be traditional and the modern one that is commonly cleaner and more minimalist. Undeniably, it is sometimes dilemmatic what style to apply first. So, some ideas below may help you apply a cozy and comfortable modern country interior design.

Focus on Simplicity

Best Modern Simple Country Style Living Room Interior Design Decor Ideas

While a country home design is related to a traditional style, this idea is basically simpler and more modest than other classics. The country itself refers to the home ideas commonly found in the village or rural areas of Americans. Since many people there mostly work as farmers, their lifestyle tends to be simple as well. So, you can focus on simplicity. Both exterior and interior styles should not have too many accents. Interestingly, this concept is what to apply to modern home living also.

Neutral Color Ideas

Modern Country Decor With Neutral Color

Simplicity is not the only similarity between the country and modern styles. Both are also signed with natural color ideas. That’s why; the two styles can easily blend well. Natural colors like white, cream, brown, and the likes can just dominate the home. If your house is small enough, white is better to use to dominate the rooms. For example, it is for the color of the wall. Meanwhile, other bolder colors are used for furniture and details like curtains and other decorations.

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Country Furniture with Simple Designs

Modern Country Decor Furniture

For furniture, you can choose the country idea instead of modern and contemporary ones. Country furniture still has details or accents that look traditional but it is just not too much. Besides, a little touch of rustic or modern Tuscan decorating ideas is also a good choice. In other words, while generally, the home living looks simple, there must still be traditional vibes to give the sense of country once you are entering it.

Floral Decorations

Floral Modern Country Decor

Rather than putting too many decorations that may be not really suitable for the concept, using flowers or floral accents is a good choice. Floral decorations are applied to home decor fabrics like curtains, cushions, and others. Besides, you can also put some flowers, whether fresh or plastic, on some vases. Houseplants are also recommended mainly if you want the house to look more natural and refreshing. Additionally, some green accents from the plants are also good to avoid the feeling of monotonous.

Natural Materials

Modern Country Decor Natural Materials

Another important thing in a modern country home is the application and exposure of some natural materials. They are natural stones, wooden accents, or bamboo. Make sure that they are seen well whether in wall decorations, furniture, and others. Some wooden and natural rock details may be applied as naturally as possible without touches of varnish. This way, the textures look more beautiful and they just deepen the idea of modern country decor you want to bring out.

Modern Country Decor Ideas

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