21 Mind-blowing Modern Gothic Decor for Homes

A modern gothic decor, what is on your mind when you are reading the term? Yes, a gothic style indeed refers to the ideas of darkness and gloom. But at the same time, it is a kind of beautiful artwork. The design that is often related to the Dark Age is still really loved and demanded a lot by people nowadays. Well, if you want to apply the beauty of a gothic style at home but just don’t want it to be too dark, the modern gothic style is a good choice. it is still Gothic but also simple and contemporary at once. So, here are some points you need to pay attention to.

It is Still Dark, Of Course

Dark Modern Gothic Decor

Although there is the term “modern” before “gothic”, the darkness idea is still dominated here. Therefore, you must still prepare things like black paint and furniture here. However, make sure that the home interior looks a little bit lighter with the application of colors like white. Well, if you think that the combination of black and white is too common, choose other colors like beige or light grey.

Simple and Minimalist Designs

Simple Modern Gothic Decor

The basic design of the interior is a modern one. In other words, it should be simple and minimalist. So, during the establishment or renovation of the house, the modern interior must be applied first. Although it is easier to implement the Gothic style, later, if you want to change it into other home decor ideas, it will not take too much time. Even white can be the color base of the idea. The black and other dark details are implemented later.

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Modern or Vintage Furniture

Modern Gothic Decor Furniture

Rather than applying classic furniture like the Gothic itself or Victorian, modern, vintage, or even modern Tuscan furniture is more recommended. Sure, you must choose them which are designed in black. To prevent the home from looking too monotonous, some pieces of furniture like a chair or a coffee table can be in other colors like white or light grey. Arrange and combine them well so that the aesthetic side of Gothic is felt more. Sure, a good arrangement also avoids the home feeling too cramped as it is dominated by dark colors.

Lighting is an Important Point

Lightning Modern Gothic Decor

In a modern Gothic home design, lighting plays so many important roles. Yes, a modern Gothic design should not be as dark as the traditional ones. Aside from a chandelier to put in the middle of the room, install also some LED lights in particular spots. They are mainly on spots that are dominated by the black color. Sure, it is to make you still feel comfortable when reading or doing other activities at night.

Windows and Ventilation

Windows Modern Gothic Decor

A modern Gothic style should focus on the beauty of the design, not the gloom. So, your Gothic houses must still have a number of windows and good ventilation. Even applying big windows is a good thing to do. This idea is a saver for the home interior so that the modern Gothic decor doesn’t look too stuffy and stifling. 

Modern Gothic Decor Ideas

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