15 Inspiring Modern Tuscan Decorating Style Ideas

The Tuscany region of Italy is well-known for its charming, old-fashioned villas adorning its hilly terrain. It has a unique style, and its allure is often replicated in modern Tuscan decorating which you can also apply to your home.

This style is inspired by the villas in the green hills of Tuscany. Known as the most beautiful part of the country, its greatest appeal is its idyllic countryside ambiance.

The Tuscan style design incorporates natural elements and vintage pieces to create a warm and comfortable, yet timeless appeal. The people of Tuscany value the beauty of nature highly and bring it into their homes, creating a sense of hospitality and familiarity.

With its timeless charm and warm elegance, this style is a favorite design trend lately. Here are some elements of modern Tuscan decor that you can try. Do not be shy about bringing some of Tuscany into your home.

Modern Tuscan Decorating Ideas

  1. Stucco Walls and Gabled Roof
Modern Tuscan Decorating Stucco Walls and Gabled Roof

The Tuscan design is distinguishable from other styles because of its uniqueness. Originated from the Etruscan people of the days of yore, the Tuscan style is characterized by stucco exterior walls and gabled roofs. With those two elements in hand, you can never go wrong!

  1. Simple is Beautiful
Modern Tuscan Decor Simple is Beautiful

What is distinguishable from Tuscan design is the emphasis on simplicity and beauty in natural materials. Tuscan homes are characteristic of simple lines, natural stones, and a combination of earthy colors. Terracotta tiles are another prominent element in the style, which further adds to the rustic appeal.

  1. Family-friendly Home
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Modern Tuscan Family-friendly Home

The villas of Tuscany are designed as such around the core values of the traditional Italian culture. Italians are warm-hearted people with tight-knit families, a love for their food, and a respect for their homeland. These are reflected in the way their houses are designed: warm and familiar.

  1. Large Homes
Modern Tuscan Large Homes

Family, even including the extended family as well, is profoundly respected by Italians. This is reflected in the large areas designated for family gatherings, such as the living room and the kitchen. Indeed, it is a habit for Italian families to gather together on Sunday to eat together.

  1. Grand Kitchen
Modern Tuscan Grand Kitchen

A Tuscan kitchen is typically large, even its stoves and cabinets. Adding a hearth structure over the stove and a tile mosaic can instantly add a Tuscan appeal to your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, you can still add a Tuscan feel through decorations and colors.

  1. Pay Attention to Aesthetics
Modern Tuscan Decor Pay Attention to Aesthetics

Italians appreciate the beautiful things in life. The Tuscan style reflects this appreciation with its ornate decorations. It is not unusual for Tuscan homes to use elaborate woodwork, columns, and paneling. Usually, a glaze is applied as the finishing to enhance the lavishness of the decorations.

  1. Terracotta Tiles
Modern Tuscan Decor Terracotta Tiles

Tiles play a very prominent role in Tuscan-style homes. Typically, they use natural stones such as terracotta or marble for the floor. Mosaics also have an important place in the Tuscan aesthetic. They are often accompanied by stucco walls and rounded archways for a more rustic village feel.

  1. Use Lots of Warm, Earthy Colors
Modern Tuscan Decor Use Lots of Warm, Earthy Colors

The Tuscan natives’ affinity for nature is echoed by the color palette of their homes. Earthy colors such as terracotta red, brown, soft yellow, and warm orange are a staple for Tuscan designs. These shades are reminiscent of the fertile soil and Tuscan pottery.

  1. Add Other Natural Colors for Accent
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Modern Tuscan Add Other Natural Colors for Accent

Other than earthy colors, Tuscan homes often use other nature-inspired shades. It could be the rose gold of the sunset, the blue color of the afternoon sky, to the green of the grass. Many homes incorporate mosaics, fabrics, and plants to add these colors.

  1. Vintage Decor
Modern Tuscan Vintage Decor

The Italian culture has a long and proud history dating back to the glorious days of the Roman Empire. It is not surprising that Tuscan design implements decorations that evoke a nostalgia of the past. Some items that you can include are ceramic pottery, artwork, and woven baskets.

  1. Designing the Interior
Modern Tuscan Designing the Interior

Tuscan homes often have furniture made of rough woods with a worn, simple look. Other materials commonly used are tiles, marbles, natural stones, and wrought iron. Stucco exterior walls and wooden ceilings work very well. Basically, materials that create a rustic feel are perfect for this style.

  1. Look for Affordable Deals
Modern Tuscan Look for Affordable Deals

The best types of furniture for a Tuscan-style home are vintage ones. Luckily, you can easily find them at affordable prices at thrift shops or second hand stores. Not only the rustic feel can make your house more homey, but you also save costs as well.

  1. Create a Warm, Cozy Space
Modern Tuscan Decorating Create a Warm, Cozy Space

As for the interior arrangement, a stone fireplace with cozy sofas is a staple in Tuscan living rooms. Also include high ceilings, lots of natural light, and terracotta or hardwood floors. These will help you realize an open, inviting feel while remaining casual and comfortable.

  1. Create a Beautiful Outdoor Space
Modern Tuscan Create a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Water is a crucial factor in Tuscan villas. Many of them have a central courtyard with a water fountain as the centerpiece, adorned by greenery. People frequently plant elegant cypress trees. The courtyard also uses arched doorways, large windows, cobblestone pathways, and wrought iron gates.

  1. Bring the Outdoor Indoor
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Modern Tuscan Bring the Outdoor Indoor

If you do not have an outdoor space for a beautiful, idyllic courtyard, do not worry. There is still a way to bring the warmth of a garden into your home. In modern Tuscan home decor, some outdoor materials such as natural stones work wonders even indoors.

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