20 Decorative Musical Themed Bedroom Ideas

Inspiring Music Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

This bedroom is so comfortable for music lovers. You can put several photos of your favorite singers, or music ornaments on the wall. Then, install your favorite electric guitar installation close to the bed. It is okay to use bold colors, such as gray, black, and white. Painting the ceiling with a stripes design is also good. Don’t forget to put a rug to cover the floor and use a smaller rug to keep you warm while creating new songs. A bunk mattress is a perfect option for two teenagers who love music. It is a solution for those who only have a small bedroom. A window improves the air and light circulation during the day. Put a cabinet close to the window, so you can place important items there. A working or studying area with a chair helps you to compose music or do anything else comfortably without disrupting other areas in the bedroom. 

‘Piano Keys and Music’ – Graphic Art Print on Canvas

Piano Keys And Music Graphic Art Print On Canvas

You don’t need to extremely renovate a bedroom only to create an area with a music theme. Adding ornaments with a music theme, such as piano keys and music graphic art above is also great. The piano design makes this graphic art look unique. Piano lovers must hang this ornament in their bedroom. You can hang this ornament on the top of a cabinet, master bed, or other spaces on the bedroom wall. This ornament is flexible in which you can mix and match it with a variety of bedroom models. It is perfect for modern, contemporary, industrial, monochrome, and other bedroom models. It is a solution for those who need an affordable ornament to redecorate their bedrooms. Your bedroom will be more comfortable and it represents something you love.    

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Music Art, Set of 3 Music Prints, Black and White Photography

Music Art Set Of 3 Music Prints Black And White Photography

Do you have a monochrome-themed bedroom and want to redecorate it? Don’t change all of the parts. Let the monochrome model if you still love it. What you have to do is adding musical ornaments, such as wall decors. The bedroom above is using three musical wall decors with a monochrome style. It uses piano tuts, a mic, and a guitar. You can be creative by putting your favorite musical instruments, favorite singers, and other things. Show who you are from those wall decors Cover the wall decors with white frames. Make the room glamour and elegant by installing small lamps on the top of the wall decors. Play with patterns, such as covering pillows with triangle patterned pillow covers. Believe it or not, this simple improvement makes your bedroom fresher. 

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Guitar Desk Lamp

Guitar Desk Lamp

Adding a guitar desk lamp or shade is also a cool alternative. This item looks simple but it is enough to show that you are a musician or music lover. It even shows that you are also someone who loves something creative and out of the box. Imagine that this lamp desk is using a guitar miniature to hang the bulb. The designer makes the desk lamp unique by using a lamp cover with music notes. You can put it on your working table, a cabinet near your master mattress, or anywhere you want in the bedroom. At least, it gives you a good vibe while creating music, working, studying, or relaxing in the bedroom. Indeed, a simple change can give a significant impact on a bedroom.  

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Light The Bedroom With Musical Notes Table Lamp

Light The Bedroom With Musical Notes Table Lamp

You may want to add a simple ornament yet it strengthens the musical theme in your bedroom. A simple item, such as a desk lamp can give a significant impact on your bedroom. The musical notes on the lamp cover are big enough. It shows that you love music a lot. The design is also simple for a variety of bedroom models. Based on the colors and materials, this musical desk lamp is perfect for a bedroom with a black and white or monochrome theme. The most important thing is that this desk lamp is functional. A small bedroom can also use this principle, where you can put something attractive and functional. This combination will make your bedroom look more fascinating than before without losing its function.    

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Antique Silver & Black Microphone Table Decor

Antique Silver Black Microphone Table Decor

You can also show your job or passion by redecorating your bedroom. Adding this antique silver and black microphone table explains that you are a singer. At least, it shows that you love to sing. You can add this simple item to strengthen a musical theme bedroom at home. This microphone seems to be easy to mix and match with other ornaments or bedroom models. Make sure that you put this item in a place where people can see it every time they enter your bedroom. It seems to be perfect for industrial, classic, antique, or other bedroom themes. Like other items, this antique mic will boost a good vibe and positive feeling, especially if you are a singer, love to sing, and music creator. 

From Hobbylobby

Vintage Musical Note Coat Clothes Hallway Hook

Vintage Musical Note Coat Clothes Hallway Hook

Putting unique items in the bedroom may improve your creativity, including in creating music. Improve the musical vibe by adding these musical hooks. The vintage model is suitable for bedrooms with vintage, contemporary, industrial, and other themes. The musical notes make this product exclusive and perfect for music lovers. The most important thing is that this ornament is multi-function. You can hang them on the back of the door. Then, use this musical hanger for hanging coats, bags, scarves, hats, or jewelery. The metal base makes this product durable and also strengthens the elegant atmosphere of your bedroom. It will be great to have this hanger in your monochrome bedroom. Now, you seem to have the energy to work or create music anytime you enter your bedroom and see this hanger.   

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Stage Microphone Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Stage Microphone Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Most singers love a mic. It looks like their lucky charms. If you have the same thought, you can add a mic even in your bedroom. You don’t have to buy a real mic. Instead of doing that, hang multi-panel wall art. Singers can create custom wall art with their favorite microphones. Multi panel wall art makes the image look bigger and more real. It is a great option for those who don’t want to use too many images on the wall. Multi-panel wall art comes with two or even more panels to hang. It is enough to give something to the wall of your bedroom. The bigger the size of the wall, the bigger the size of the wall art.  

From Elephantstock

Red White and Black Musical Notes Throw Pillow

Red White And Black Musical Notes Throw Pillow

We can’t separate a bedroom with pillows. You can use this to express your love for music. Let say choose a pillow that has a musical theme. A pillow with musical notes ornament above is one of the examples. Black and white color seem to be too monotonous for some people. If you think so but you can’t let the monochrome model, choose a black pillow with red and white musical notes. The red musical notes give a fresh touch to a regular black and white pillow. This product can also strengthen the musical theme you want to create in the bedroom. Indeed, it makes your musical theme bedroom look even charming and comfortable.  You finally find an affordable way to decorate a bedroom with a musical theme.  

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Amos’s Music Themed Nursery Reveal & Link Up

Amoss Music Themed Nursery Reveal Link Up

Do you think that your room is too monotonous with white walls and a ceiling? Redecorate it with musical-themed items. One of the simple yet unique items is vinyl records. It looks classic but suitable for all bedroom designs. For an extraordinary design, you can put those vinyl records on the ceiling. Then, you can use other musical ornaments to change a boredom wall into a stunning wall. Let say you can hang several musical wall decors, quotes. You can even combine a cross with a music node. It shows that you love music so much. The great thing is that you successfully turn a boring bedroom into a fascinating musical-themed bedroom. Everything in the bedroom reminds you of your musical passion, favorite singers, powerful lyrics, or other things. 

Row Of Guitar Necks Wall Art Sticker Music Decal Rock Silhouette Guitar Heads

Ow Of Guitar Necks Wall Art Sticker Music Decal Rock Silhouette Guitar Heads

Some of you may love to play with stickers. If it is so, you can use it to redecorate your bedroom. A guitar neck wall art sticker is a good idea since you want to create a musical-themed bedroom. Make sure that you use a contrast color between the sticker and the wall. The image above shows that the designer is using bold yellow for the wall and black for the guitar neck sticker. It makes the decoration balance in which you can use the wall and the guitar neck sticker. This guitar neck sticker is a simple idea to have a bedroom with a musical atmosphere. It represents that you are a guitarist or someone who loves a guitar. The best part is that the additional ornament doesn’t make your room crowded.  

Avaialbe at Ebay

Music Headphones Musical Notes Waves Music Recording Studio Decor Sticker Decal

Music Headphones Musical Notes Waves Music Recording Studio Decor Sticker Decal

Music headphones are one of the most crucial items for music lovers. It helps them to listen to their favorite music anytime and anywhere comfortably. A headphone can be your favorite item. If it is so, you can find a music headphone sticker and use it on the wall of your bedroom. The image above is one of the examples. It looks cool and balances with purple wall paint. Remember! Use a contrast color between the wall and the sticker. The headphone looks stunning due to the music note ornaments. Overall, this sticker is a simple way to redecorate your bedroom. Indeed, it shows that you are a true music lover. Putting this sticker on the top of your master mattress is a great alternative. Use a large microphone sticker, so everyone who enters the bedroom can see it.  

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Feelyou Music Themed Guitar Duvet Cover Set Fire Guitar Bedding Set

Feelyou Music Themed Guitar Duvet Cover Set Fire Guitar Bedding Set

Rock music lovers will be jealous when they see the bedroom interior idea above. Imagine that the designer is using a bed cover and pillow cover with the image of electric guitars. The image looks even more dramatic with a flame around it. The combination of black, red, and flame strengthen the rock music atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you don’t decorate the room with rock music ornaments. This musical-themed bedroom idea shows that soft colors can be mixed with black and red. You can even create a comfortable sleeping area for a rock lover. It seems that you always get inspired with your favorite rock music anytime you see the bed cover and pillow covers. 

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Ambesonne World Tapestry, World of Music Themed Composition DJ Headphones Musical Notes and Earth Globe, Wall Hanging for Bedroom

Ambesonne World Tapestry World Of Music Themed Composition Dj Headphones Musical Notes And Earth Globe Wall Hanging For Bedroom

A wall hanging is a simple item you can use to redecorate a bedroom. You only have to pick the best wall hanging based on the theme. This DJ headphone can be a great option for those who want to redecorate a bedroom into a musical-themed bedroom. The combination between the earth that is listening to the music by using headphones is unique. Plus, you see green music notes that are extraordinary than the usual design. You can use it to cover the blank walls in the bedroom. It is an economically friendly strategy instead of painting the wall. The process is also faster, so you can directly use the bedroom after putting all the walls hanging. It seems that you have a new bedroom at home only in a few minutes.

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From Amazon

Kids Guitar Bedding Set Rock Music Themed Duvet Cover

Kids Guitar Bedding Set Rock Music Themed Duvet Cover

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to put any ornaments on the wall or table. Putting a musical-themed bedcover and pillow cover is enough. The pattern will show that it is a room of a music lover. You can take the bedcover and pillow cover above as your reference. The design is cheerful enough, along with pianos, saxophones, guitars, drum sticks, and cassettes. It also uses warm and light colors, such as white, magenta, and orange to make your room look cozy. Then, you can mix and match this musical-themed bedcover and pillow covers with other ornaments, such as a small round table, a chair, and others. This combination makes your bedroom attractive and warm. Music lovers should try this bedroom decoration idea at home.   

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Ambesonne Music Curtains

Ambesonne Music Curtains

Another way to give a touch of a musical theme in a bedroom without using too many ornaments is by using a curtain. Nowadays, you can find curtains in a variety of models. A musically themed curtain above is stunning enough to decorate a bedroom. The black music notes are balanced with the white color of the curtain. It looks simple and doesn’t make your small bedroom crowded. At least, you have a new multifunction item in the bedroom. You can use the curtain as an ornament and cover up the window. It looks perfect for monochrome, natural, modern, simple, and other bedroom designs. 

Available at Amazon

TESOON 5 Rural Nail Music Note Style Metal Coat Hanger Wrought Iron Rack Robe Hooks

Tesoon 5 Rural Nail Music Note Style Metal Coat Hanger Wrought Iron Rack Robe Hooks

Bedroom ornaments with music notes are cool for some of you. It makes you feel that music is close to you and even everywhere around the room. Adding a musical hanger model is great to have a comfortable and functional bedroom with a musical theme. The idea is to find an accessory that is not only attractive but also functional. You can hang your coat, shirt, pants, and other things when you take this product while creating a musical-themed bedroom. 

Available at Amazon

Vinyra Music Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Vinyra Music Vinyl Record Wall Clock

This musical clock is another cool thing to use in a musical-themed bedroom. The design looks complicated, along with the combination of music properties. You will see a headphone, music nodes, microphone, the symbol of sound frequency. All of them unite into one circle. Then, you see a small clock on it. It is a good ornament that also helps you to find out the right time right after you wake up or anytime you are entering the bedroom. The black base will make your bedroom look elegant and gothic. It depends on how you manage the items, colors, and shapes. 

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Musical WALL ART – cropped vinyl

Musical Wall Art Cropped Vinyl

Do you still fascinate with wall art to decorate your house? How about putting this wall decor in your bedroom. It is half part of a vinyl record. It looks cool even though the image is only a half. Take a medium or big-size wall decor to balance the room. Your bedroom can be more attractive after hanging this wall decor. It is perfect for a modern bedroom or any kind of bedroom model you want. 

From Etsy

Brushed Aluminum Round Music Wall Clock

Brushed Aluminum Round Music Wall Clock Music Symbols Clock

There are a lot of music symbols. They inspired people to create musical-themed accessories, along with the symbols. Let’s say you can hang a clock on the image above. This clock uses several music symbols, such as letters, music notes, and guitar keys. The unique thing is that you will not see numbers at all in this clock. 

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Musical Bedroom Ideas

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