12 Best Ideas for Room Divider with Door

The room divider helps you to create a separated area in a big room easily. It means you don’t have to spend money. You don’t have to renovate your house. Just buy the room divider and you will have several ready-to-use rooms. However, if you want to get the best from the room divider, you have to choose the right divider for your room. In this case, we recommend the Room divider with door for your place. Here are some of the room divider types you can try.

Bookshelf Room Divider

Bookshelf Room Divider

Our first recommendation is the Bookshelf Room divider with door. Like its name, you will use a real bookshelf as a room divider. However, this bookshelf has a door part that you can use as a normal door. So, when you place it in your room, you get two things. Your room will have a bookshelf where you can place your book or other stuff. Plus, it will become a functional wall that divides your room into several areas.

This room divider type is also a perfect choice if you plan to make one part of your room a reading area. You save more money and time with it. Moreover, you don’t have to build a real wall. You solve it with just a bookshelf that has a door in it.

Floor to Ceiling Room Divider

Floor To Ceiling Room Divider

Mostly, the room divider has a smaller size than your room height. Therefore, you also can see them as temporary items that you can use to divide your room. So, even though you use it, the room atmosphere is still connected between the separated areas.

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However, if you plan to create a separated area in your room, the Floor to ceiling Room divider with door is the best solution. It will cover the entire area behind it, so you can’t see or feel the nuance of that area. Moreover, it also has a door which makes it become a functional wall.

This big room divider is available in a different type of design and material. You can get the floor-to-ceiling divider that is made of acrylic or fabric. That material is the best choice because it is lightweight and easy to use. However, you also can try the Glass Room divider with door. It may doesn’t cover the whole area. But, it will add an elegant touch to your room.

Standing Room Divider

Standing Room Divider With Door

Free standing Room divider with door is also another good option for your room divider. It has a portability feature, which allows you to move it around as you want. So, if you get bored with its position, you can place it in other areas in your room. You can even create a new interior design anytime you move it around.

Nowadays, the free-standing divider like this one is very popular among those who live in an apartment. The limited area in their living place, plus they also can’t rebuild the room. That makes this kind of room divider become one of the best solutions. Moreover, the design for this type of room divider is also beautiful.

The most popular design for a Portable Room divider with door is the Japanese traditional style. But, you also can find the plain colored panel for the portable room divider. It is a perfect choice for a minimalist or modern-style room.

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Sound Proof Room Divider

Sound Proof Room Divider

Last but not least, you also can try the Sound proof Room divider with door. As its name implied, this room divider will reduce the noise that comes from other areas in your room. Mostly, it comes in the fabric material panel. The fabric has a better ability to absorb sound than others. 

This type of room divider is not only a good choice for your house. If you are looking for an Office Room divider with door, you also can try this one. It helps you to create a room where you can work comfortably without disturbance from other rooms.


Those are various ideas about the room divider with the door. Some of them are Temporary Room divider with door types, so you can easily move them around whenever you want to change your room design. One thing for sure chooses the room divider that matches your room design style for appearance and functionality. 

Room Divider Ideas

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