19 Rose Gold Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Use gold color and you will get a glamorous look in your room instantly. Yes, the gold color might be pretty popular for glamor room decoration. Nevertheless, some people think that it might be too much for using gold in your bedroom decoration. Instead of gold, you can consider using gold rose. It still has a glamorous effect with its shiny look. However, the overall look will be more subtle since it has a kind of pink touch that adds a more feminine and soothing effect to the room. This might be the reason why rose gold can be a great choice for your bedroom decoration.

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Here are some great ideas of rose gold bedroom decoration for a subtle yet glamorous bedroom.

1. Rose Gold Coverlet Set

Rose Gold Coverlet Set

The main element of a bedroom must be the bed. That is why if you want to add the rose gold element into your bedroom without being too dominant yet still noticeable, you can try to cover your bed with a rose gold coverlet set. It works really well especially when your bedroom has a kind of all-white concept to keep it calm and clean. The rose gold coverlet can add a feminine touch to your bedroom, but it can work as the focal point in the bedroom as well.

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2. Rose Gold Wall Art

Rose Gold Wall Art

Again, you can use rose gold to accentuate your white bedroom. In this circumstance, why do not you try to hang rose gold wall art on your bedroom wall? It can be placed above your bed headboard especially if you want to make it the focal point in your bedroom. Nevertheless, you can feel free to hang the rose gold wall art anywhere you want in your bedroom. It can add a splash of sweetness to your minimalist bedroom. Instead of hanging one wall art, you can combine several wall art with a simple rose gold theme to your wall.

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3. Rose Gold Shadow Box

Rose Gold Shadow Box

A decorative element in your bedroom can be just a decoration. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong if you want to add a decorative element that can be functional as well for your bedroom decoration. You will never make any mistake by adding a decorative shelf to your bedroom. A rose gold shadow box can be chosen for this purpose. It will be a beautiful and functional accent to your bedroom. The sleek design will not be too much for its dazzling rose gold color.

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4. Rose Gold Vanity Set

Rose Gold Vanity Set

If you think that a little accent of rose gold is not enough for your rose gold bedroom, you can consider using rose gold color for important furniture in your bedroom. The rose gold vanity set might be a great way to incorporate the rose gold color further in your bedroom. You can ensure the functionality of the vanity by making sure that it has several drawers to organize your things. It will be super great if the vanity also has LEDs around the mirror to help you dress up and makeup better.

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5. Rose Gold Stick Lamps

Rose Gold Stick Lamps

A comfortable bedroom is not just about the bed. You also need to set the right ambiance to create a calming mood for your good night’s sleep experience. That is why lighting is crucial for every bedroom. It seems that a bedside lamp cannot be separated from a bedroom decoration. Since you want to create a bedroom with the rose gold theme, you will love adding a rose gold stick lamp to your bedside table. It also comes with a USB charging port to make your modern life much easier.

Available at Bedbathandbeyond.

6. Rose Quartz Tea Light Holder

Rose Quartz Tea Light Holder

A little bit of candlelight will not hurt your bedroom decoration at all. It even can build up the romantic and calming mood better in your bedroom. Of course, you can simply put a candle in your bedroom but since you want to create a gold rose bedroom, you can escalate your effort by simply using this rose quartz tea light holder. The complicated crystals arrangement around the glass cup for holding the candle will make your room look more dramatic. As a result, you will get a much better ambiance than a standard candle holder.

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7. Rose Gold Flush Ceiling Fitting

Rose Gold Flush Ceiling Fitting

Why do you want to add a rose gold touch to your bedroom? The main reason why might be that it can bring a glamorous look to your bedroom without being too much. That is why you will only use rose gold for accentuating your bedroom decoration. The glamorous effect of the rose gold can be escalated by hanging this rose gold flush ceiling fitting. It comes with droplets made from an acrylic ball that will add more interest to your bedroom décor.

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8. Rose Pink Ombre Glitter Curtain

Rose Pink Ombre Glitter Curtain

It seems that rose gold is a combination of girly and glamorous looks in one color. It is all about pink and shine. Another great idea to apply this color is for your curtain. You can use a rose pink ombre glitter curtain to make your rose gold bedroom looks more glamorous and girly at the same time. Of course, it will be a functional addition to your bedroom because it can help you control the light and view access from your bedroom. Imagine how great it will be when letting your bedroom black out with this curtain and using the candlelight instead.

Available at Society6.

9. Rose Gold Arabic Number Metallic Blush Glitter Large Clock

Rose Gold Arabic Number Metallic Blush Glitter Large Clock

You might not want to be disturbed by the ticking clock in your bedroom, but you cannot decorate your bedroom without including the clock as part of your bedroom decoration. You always have to keep your time in check especially in the bedroom. However, instead of using a simply functional clock in your bedroom, it will be much more special if you use this rose gold clock. The pink and glittery look of the clock will be a perfect glamorous addition to your bedroom.

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Available at Zazzle.

10. Mirror Name Sign

Mirror Name Sign

You always can feel free to add personalization to your bedroom. Many people have a bigger urge to personalize the baby bedroom, after all. It will be the perfect time to use this mirror name sign. It is a simple way to personalize your baby room since you can hang it above the baby crib. However, the impact will be huge since its pink and shiny color will shine all around the room.

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11. Gold Boho Decor Dream Catcher for Kids floral nursery decor for girls bedroom wall decorations Peach pink Rose Gold

Gold Boho Decor Dream Catcher For Kids Floral Nursery Decor For Girls Bedroom Wall Decorations Peach Pink Rose Gold

Everyone has their taste about the decoration they want to use in the bedroom. If your preference is boho style, you can always use it when decorating the master bedroom or the kid’s bedroom. The girl will love the addition of a rose gold dream catcher in her bedroom. It is not only the rose gold color that can be suitable to the girl but also the floral decoration of the dream catcher that will fit perfectly in every girl’s bedroom. It is a simple yet perfect decorative item to hang in the girl’s bedroom for sure.

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12. Light Up Rose Gold Initial

Light Up Rose Gold Initial

A personalized decorative item does not have to be a full nickname. It might sound great for a baby bedroom, but it might not be the right choice for the older members of the family. In this circumstance, you can consider using the name initial instead. The initial is filled with artificial pink roses and it is lit up with hidden LED lights. You can simply put this initial name in a girl’s bedroom and she will love it the most. It can be a centerpiece of your home decoration. It can also be used during a special event in the house. It will be a beautiful personalized gift as well.

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13. Set Of 3 Geometric Prints Brush Stroke Pink Rose Gold Printable Wall Art

Set Of 3 Geometric Prints Brush Stroke Pink Rose Gold Printable Wall Art

Wall art will always be a great choice for adding accent into your bedroom decoration even if you want to add rose gold as glamorous accents in your bedroom. With this purpose in your mind, you will find that this wall art rose gold set perfect for your bedroom décor. The rose gold will improve the glamorous look of your bedroom further. However, it will be getting better since it also has the touch of the brand that can be a representation of a glamorous lifestyle.

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14. Nordik Set of 4 Desk Plants in Rose Gold – Office Decor for Women, Indoor, Living Room, Bedroom, Home and Desk Decor – Pink Faux Succulents Geometric Ceramic Planters

Nordik Set Of 4 Desk Plants In Rose Gold Office Decor For Women Indoor Living Room Bedroom Home And Desk Decor – Pink Faux Succulents Geometric Ceramic Planters

You might want to put some plants as part of your bedroom decoration but you do not think that you can nurse the plant properly. The plant can bring a calming and refreshing effect in the bedroom, after all. You can solve the problem by putting this artificial desk plant set instead. It will be perfect for your rose gold bedroom because it comes with rose gold plants. You do not have to take care of the plants since it is artificial. The plants and the geometric rose gold pot will look great for your bedside table or shelf decoration in your bedroom.

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15. Rose Gold Square Metal Tissue Box

Rose Gold Square Metal Tissue Box

You need to put a tissue box in your bedroom especially on your bedroom vanity because you need it to hold the tissue for your daily make-up and skincare routine. Nevertheless, you might not have any idea that a simple tissue box can be a great decorative item in your bedroom until you find this rose gold square metal tissue box. The design is pretty simple but since it was made of a rose gold metal, the tissue box looks super wow. Of course, it is still functional as a tissue box.

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16. Rose Gold Waste Basket

Rose Gold Waste Basket

A simple touch of rose gold can make anything look glamorous and attractive. That is why it must be a great idea to use this color on anything functional in your bedroom including the wastebasket. You do not think to choose the wastebasket with any decorative details because it is just a wastebasket. You just want to make sure that it can hold the waste in your bedroom. Nevertheless, you can bring the wastebasket to the next level by choosing the rose gold-colored one.

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17. Table Lamp Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp Color Changing RGB & Dimmable Warm White Light Night Light

Aukey Table Lamp Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp Color Changing Rgb Dimmable Warm White Light Night Light

You can feel free to use the classic bedside lamp that can meet your preference and decoration expectations of the bedroom. However, you can always find interesting bedside lamps with various kinds of technology features such as this rose gold color-changing bedside lamp. It can change its color and it is a good thing. But it has more features since it comes with a touch sensor and dimmable white light. This bedside lamp will be a unique addition for building the soothing ambiance in your bedroom.

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18. Rose Gold Mini Desk Fan

Rose Gold Mini Desk Fan

The bedroom should be the place where you can take rest properly. That is why you will try your best to build a soothing and calming environment in the bedroom. It can be simply about the ambiance and lighting. It can also be about the decoration theme. However, you might also find that adding a mini desk fan can help you have a better sleep at night. It can give you a kind of effect like when you are riding a car. Of course, you cannot just add any mini desk fan. A rose gold one will suit the rose gold bedroom decoration theme better.

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19. Rose Gold Vertical Dresser Storage Tower

Rose Gold Vertical Dresser Storage Tower

Last but not least, you might also want to add this rose gold vertical dresser storage in your bedroom. The rose gold color will enhance the bedroom decoration theme better. At the same time, you will love how this furniture item can provide you more storage in your bedroom. Since it comes as three drawer chests, you will be able to organize your items better. It is not only functional but also a versatile addition to your bedroom.

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Rose Gold Bedroom Ideas

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