19 Awesome Rustic Patio Decorative Ideas

Making a rustic patio decor is a little bit tricky. It needs great and perfect planning to make everything looks awesome. The patio itself is one of the house’s parts which is usually abandoned. 

Many people think that it is not that important to decorate that. In fact, that part can be an amazing part to make your property is more beautiful than before. So, will you redesign it from now? 

One of the best designs to try is rustic. It takes the concept of the village and traditional things. However, with the right arrangement and equipment, your house won’t be looked old. 

That is why; try to get the right reference and ideas about making this. Creating this theme is not difficult at all. Here are some important recommendations that you are able to know and follow.

Yes, accessories and stuff for the outdoor areas have an important role. In this modern era, purchasing this thing is easy. It is because you can buy it from the conventional store or online delivery. 

Whatever it is, make sure you pay attention to the detail. Not all of the equipment are cheap. Make sure to make an effective purchase that the goods are having a thick rustic taste.

Those things are varied from the table, chair, wallpaper, and so on.

Stuff recommendations to make rustic patio decoration

Wine Barrel Rustic Table

Wine Barrel Rustic Table

This table is so suitable for the outdoor use such as in your front yard. It is made from various kinds of high-quality wood in each part. Those are like the barn, distressed, and reclaimed woods. 

That is why; this item has a stunning natural color. To make it is looked more perfect, the clear coat is applied to make it shines. How to create the right design and concept with it? 

You just need to place this rustic wine barrel table in your outdoor area. After that, combine with the black iron chair. You are ready to have a relaxing time there and enjoying the delicious wine. 

From Etsy

Simone Bistro Table

Simone Bistro Table

This is the second option for vintage decoration. The Simone bistro table is made from aluminum and it looks so classy. This item is suitable for inside and outside areas. You will love it so much. 

The weight of this bistro table is around 75 lbs. It has the classic tulip shaping with the textural cast aluminum. It is better to cover this thing or store it inside to maintain its quality. 

Basically, it has the round shape for the surface. The diameter of that part is for about 42”. Meanwhile, the height is around 32”. This item has two different colors to choose. 

Those are bronze and white. To get the rustic nuance, the bronze one is the perfect option. You can combine it with the small sofas or chairs with the same shades. That is so pretty.

Available at Highfashionhome

The wagon wheel bench

The Wagon Wheel Bench

This bench is quite unique and different from any product in the market. This two-seater chair is perfect to be placed on your patio, lawn, or porch. It so dominated in natural dark brown. 

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At either ends of the bench, the quaint wagon wheel armrest is placed. The maximum weight limit of this product is 300 lbs. It means that this chair can accommodate two adults at the same time. 

You are able to get the country comfort at its finest. Don’t worry about the price because based on some reference, this item is sold less than $230 dollar. So, order now for your patio.

From Thefoxdecor

The connectable string light 

The Connectable String Light

It is not a secret anymore that equipment such as a chair and table is the main option in creating the rustic nuance. However, please don’t forget about the lighting at home. 

In fact, the connectable string light is a smart idea to use. The length of this item is 50ft and it comes with 15 E26 sockets. Each socket is 3.28 per bulb. What is the kind of bulb used there? 

Basically, they are 16 vintage Edison LED bulbs with 1 spare. The soft white shines will give a relaxed and cozy atmosphere on your patio. You can spare some time there and enjoy the situation. 

This connectable string light is not only used for daily usage, but also for some other occasions. The examples are like the birthday celebration, wedding decoration, and the cocktail parties.

Available at Overstock

Safavieh Outdoor Living Rustic Leah 4-piece Brown Iron Patio Set

Safavieh Outdoor Living Rustic Leah 4 Piece Brown Iron Patio Set

It is not a secret anymore that setting or designing a set of chairs to get a rustic look sometimes is not easy. That is why; choosing a patio set is always better such as this Rafavieh brown set. 

It consists of 4 pieces brown outdoor set that will make your patio or porch is more beautiful. This item is made from sturdy painted iron which shows its strength, quality, and durability. 

When you buy it, the products that will be gotten are two chairs, a love seat, and also a slat – top coffee table. All the chairs are 22 inches in height and the table itself is 23.5.

This set can be a great item for your patio. Combine them with some hanging plants around to make the overall design is more awesome than before. It is so rustic.

The Artistic Canvas Print Painting

The Artistic Canvas Print Painting

Bringing art to your patio is also a great idea to get a rustic taste there. However, some people thought that it is impossible since they cannot paint or the price of painting is too expensive. 

If it is so, buying the canvas print painting is a solution. You can print any designs such as abstract, photography, realism, and many more again. The price is for sure cheaper. 

Furthermore, the canvas used is also the high-quality one where it will not sag or warp. The sizes are varied which means you can choose based on the patio size at home. 

Grab this at Greatbigcanvas

Wagon wheel rocker chair

Wagon Wheel Rocker Chair

Just imagine where you can enjoy the peaceful spare time on your patio by sitting in a rocking chair. That will be one of the best moments ever. Make sure that you choose the rustic item. 

The wagon wheel rocker is the solution. It is made of wood with a burnt finish. The traditional wheel is installed on each armrest part. That is why; it looks so unique. 

The color is naturally dark brown which makes this item is suitable for your lawn, porch, or patio. The weight is around 35 lbs so that it is not that heavy. You can move it easily. 

Its natural color is looked stunning. This wagon when rocker chair can be a great option if you don’t like the set of sisters because the patio size is not too big.

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Lighting ceiling fans

Copper Grove Novyi 52 Inch Aged Bronze Lighted Ceiling Fan With Mocha Blades

There are not any other words to describe this thing except awesome. It is so beautiful and functional at the same time. You will get the ceiling fans and lighting from only one product. 

It uses the aged bronze material featured by the mocha blades. This fan will easily cool down your room every time. 4 bulbs cup are installed where it is used to add more lighting. 

The good thing is that you can use this item all night. Why? It is because the quiet performance design is there. It means that this fan won’t make any annoying noises while you sleep. 

To switch it on or off, the pull chain is equipped there. To add a more rustic look around your room, it is a good idea to use the wood ceiling around this amazing fan. It is really great.

Buy this fan at Overstock

Cast stone fire pit

Cast Stone Fire Pit

This amazing product is made by Sun Joe and so pretty to be placed in your wide patio. It is also looked beautiful to be placed in a backyard area. The fire bowl is around 29”.

The great thing is that it is able to handle the heat up to 1.112 Degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t worry about the flying sparks since this item comes with the wire mesh screen protect. 

Well, the overall diameter is 35” and 57 lbs for its weight. The stone design around this thing is easily enhances the rustic look in your patio or any kind of area at home. 

Enjoy the warm quality time with your family. Place this cast stone fire pit in the middle and you are ready to have that amazing moment. It can add natural light too.

Available at bedbathandbeyond.com

Wood sign for patio

Wood Sign For Patio

Sign is not only used for your house number or something like that, but also more. The example is this creative product. The good thing is that it is a handmade. 

The size is 12” in height and 12” in width. Overall, this sign is made from wood and then written with the interesting sentences. The wire hanger is also equipped on top. 

It makes this stuff is easy to hang in your favorite spot. You will love this item since there are so many interesting colors are available such as mint, key west, black, gray, orange, etc. 

Available at Etsy

The traditional and functional lantern

The Traditional And Functional Lantern

Something rustic is also related to lantern. It is especially if you can the right design for your patio. To do so, there are some recommendations that you can follow. What is that? 

An example is the lanterns made from wood. Usually, they will be crafted in several interesting motifs. That could be a perfect decoration for your patio. How about the color? 

Everything is your choice. Choose the right color that will match with the surrounded design. The black lantern can be great too where usually it has glasses on each side. 

Don’t forget to install the right bulb inside. To add the rustic nuance and feeling, the soft white bulb is great. However, the yellow one can be a smart idea too because it is so traditional.

From Etsy

Metal coat rack

Metal Coat Rack

The metal coat rack is one of the best options to create the rustic nuance at home. It is especially for the patio. It is handmade with the railroad spikes where can decorate the wall. 

So the spikes are welded to two inches square backing plate. To make it is looked more beautiful, the spikes are wire brushed and buffed. You can hang the coats in style from now. 

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From Etsy

Bohemian style chandelier

Bohemian Style Chandelier

You will be so proud in having this stuff. This chandelier is unique and made from the reclaimed wood beams. The old style brown ropes are also used to tie the wood. 

There are 6 variants of brand’s length to choose from 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, and 60 inches. It means that you are able to request the number of bulbs as well. 

Besides in patio, this Bohemian style chandelier is also great to be installed in your living or dining room. The yellow shine bulbs or the soft white ones will warmth your room.

More info etsy.com

Vintage wood wall clock

Vintage Wood Wall Clock

The next option to make your patio is looked more rustic is the wood wall clock. This item is so vintage where you can see it from the number fonts, colors, and materials used. 

The materials used are wood, barbed wire, and nails. It is 100% handmade and will be so good to place in some properties. Those are in a villa, hotel, house, and many more again. 

From Etsy

Barrel water fountain

Barrel Water Fountain

It is basically the three tier barrel water fountain which is made from wood. The best places to out this water fountain are in your back yard or front yard. That will be looked rustic. 

To prevent the woods from cracking, it is better to move them slowly. This item is also equipped with the electric submersible pump which is going to flow the water. 

You can enjoy the flowing water right from the patio. The sounds of that water are so peaceful where you will feel sitting in a beautiful village aside from the clean river. What an amazing feeling.

Available at Etsy

Outdoor wall sconce in bronze color

Outdoor Wall Sconce In Bronze Color

This product really shows the meaning of rustic. It has the round glass inside that will be covered by metal decoration. The cut and shape of the metal represent the meaning of vintage. 

The bronze color is the key. Besides that, it is also waterproof, resistant to hot temperature, storm, and has snow protection. It can be placed near your door on its right and left sides.

From Amazon

Wooden bucket barrel planters

Wooden Bucket Barrel Planters

The wooden bucket barrel planters are suitable for you who love to plant some flowers and need the rustic touch. In a set, you will get two bucket. It is completed with drainage holes as well. 

That is why; it is also suitable for a place like a patio. You can arrange them in that place and plant the green things there. That will directly change the overall nuance.

Available at Amazon

Acacia wood dining set

Acacia Wood Dining Set

Some of you maybe have a wide or large patio. If it is so, buy this Acacia wood dining set to easily make it is into the rustic look. It consists of 1 table and 6 dining chairs. 

The table’s size is 33.7 x 68.9 inches. Mean while the height is 29.53 inches and the shape is rectangular. That will make your patio as one of the most favorite spots at home.

Available at Target

Complete It with the Seat Bench

Complete It With The Seat Bench

To make everything is more perfect, you can place the right seat bench near the patio. That is so functional where people may enjoy the yard. A great option is like the wheel bench. 

It has round vintage wheels for the armrest. Meanwhile, the backrest part is also available to make you are more comfortable. It is an essential rustic patio decor so far for a property. 

Available at Walmart

Rustic Patio Design Ideas

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