28 Simple Modern Rustic Decor Ideas

What is modern rustic decor? In the world of architecture design, there is a term of rustic design. It refers to the implementation and highlights of natural materials like woods, bamboos, rocks, and others. Rather than those materials are being painted or varnished, the natural color and textures are exposed. Well, they may look coarse. But sure, it is the aesthetic point of the design. Additionally, rustic decors are quite similar to the country ones. However, the natural elements are more focused here.

Generally, a rustic home design refers to the traditional look. Despite the application of natural materials, some classic or vintage details are also commonly seen here and there. In a modern rustic home living, the home design is made to be simpler, cleaner, and more minimalist. Sure, the functional concept is also applied, making it suitable even for a home with a small size. So, what are the important components that make a modern rustic decoration? Here are some of them.

Modern Design as the Base

Modern Rustic Decor

If you are interested in implementing a modern rustic design at home, the modern design is used as the basic idea. Therefore, you can start to establish or decorate the home interior with modern ideas first. What do modern ideas look like? Well, there are applications of natural and yet colors like white, clean accents, and fewer details. 

Furniture from Natural Materials

Modern Rustic Decor Furniture From Natural Materials

After making sure that the home has been in the modern decoration, it is time to put things inside. Sure, you can start it with big items; furniture. Choose furniture made from natural materials whether they are woods, rocks, or bricks. For the designs, you can combine the ideas of modern and traditional. This way, both the vibes of modern and rustic can just feel inside. If you can customize your furniture, it is much better. This way, the furniture can look rustic, yet, functional.

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Rustic Details and Decorations

Modern Rustic Decor Details And Decorations

After arranging the most important element, it is furniture. You can start to put decorations here and there. Rustic decorations are the best choices. However, by remembering that the home design is also styled con-temporarily, the applications of rustic decorations should not be too many. Make sure you still leave spaces here and there to make it look clean and minimalist. Particularly if the house is quite small, too many details can easily bring stuffy and uncomfortable feelings. Other ideas that fit the modern rustic design well are the vintage or Tuscan decor anyway.

Plants and Flowers

Modern Rustic Decor Plants And Flowers

When you are implementing a rustic design at home, you may expect the interior or exterior will look more natural. Therefore, adding other natural elements is very important here. Of course, it is not a difficult thing. There are plants and flowers to add whether on the tables or in the corners of the room. But although plants and flowers are good ideas, the applications should be too many. Even if plants are refreshing to see, without good arrangements, they can still make the modern rustic decor feel cramped and too much.

Modern Rustic Decor Ideas

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