20 Star Wars-Themed Bedroom Ideas

Are you a huge fan of Star Wars? If you are, then you must at least once have a thought about having a Star Wars theme bedroom. If you are looking for inspirations to decorate or remodel your bedroom with the Star Wars theme, below are some ideas for you.

1.      A Spaceship-Shaped Bed

A Spaceship Shaped Bed

A bed is the main furniture in a bedroom. So, if you want to instantly have a Star Wars themed bedroom, you are suggested to have a spaceship-shaped bed. Such a bed will instantly be a focal point in your bedroom. Or, you can use a conventional bed with Star Wars-themed bed sheets.

2.      Wallpaper or Wall Stickers

Wallpaper Or Wall Stickers

Walls are the vastest area in a room. Steal people’s attention by applying Star Wars-themed wallpaper or wall stickers on your bedroom walls. For example, the one with galaxy patterns or the one that shows Star Wars’ characters.

3.      Star Wars Posters

Star Wars Posters

Posters seem to be a must for any fans. Turn your Star Wars posters into wall decorations and instantly bring the Star Wars theme in your bedroom. You can also frame the posters and hang them on your bedroom walls.

4.      Action Figures

Action Figures

Do you collect Star Wars action figures? Then, do not hesitate to show them off by placing them in your bedroom. This will accentuate the Star Wars theme in your bedroom.

5.      Decorative Lamps

Decorative Lamps

Instead of using a conventional bedside lamp or hanging lamp, try to use a decorative lamp that brings the Star Wars theme. For example, you can use lightsabers as a decorative lamp to place in your bedroom. Interesting, isn’t it?

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6.      Your Favorite Quote

Your Favorite Quote

If you have a certain favorite quote from Star Wars, why don’t you involve it in your Star Wars-themed bedroom? Have your favorite quote from Star Wars as a wall decoration in your room.

7.      Star Wars Bed Sheets

Star Wars Bed Sheets

Do not forget the details! You can also bring the Star Wars theme to the details of your bedroom. For instance, have a Star Wars-themed bedsheet to complete the look in your bedroom.

8.      Unique Bedroom Walls

Unique Bedroom Walls

If you are an artistic person as well as a big fan of Star Wars, you can try this idea. This character in Star Wars is turned into an artistic wall decoration. Simple yet stunning.

9.      Minimalist


Do you prefer to have a minimalist style in your Star Wars-themed bedroom? Who says they cannot do that? You can still bring a touch of the Star Wars theme in your minimalist bedroom by having a simple sticker like shown in the picture.

10.   Baby Room

Baby Room

The Star Wars theme is suitable for both adults and kids’ rooms, including baby rooms. If you want to decorate your baby’s bedroom with this theme, you can try this idea. It is simple and minimalist.

11.   Do not Forget the Ceiling

Do Not Forget The Ceiling

Another detail. If you want to go all out in decorating your bedroom with the Star Wars theme, do not forget the ceiling. You can paint or apply wallpaper with the Star Wars theme on your bedroom ceiling. It will be better if you choose the star pattern so that it feels like you look at the night, starry sky until you fall asleep.

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12.   One Side of Walls

One Side Of Walls

You do not have to apply wallpaper on all of your bedroom walls. Instead, it will be better if you apply Star Wars-themed wallpaper only on one side of the walls. And leave other walls plain, just like you can see in the picture.

13.   Balance Color Schemes

Balance Color Schemes

The Star Wars theme is highly linked to the galaxy. So, this theme is mostly dominated with dark colors, such as black and blue. If your bedroom is small, these colors will make it look even smaller. So, you should be smart in choosing a balance color scheme. You can try this idea of combining dark colors and bright colors.

14.   Grown Up Bedrooms

Grown Up Bedrooms

As a grown up, you might get too shy to show that you are a Star Wars fan by having a lot of Star Wars decorations. But you can follow this idea, in which you just need to hang the Star Wars logo on your bedroom wall as a decoration. This is enough to show that you are a fan of the famous, popular movie.

15.   Big Boy Bedrooms

Big Boy Bedrooms

Another idea for adults who want to simply decorate their bedrooms with the Star Wars theme. Frame pictures of the movie and hang it on the wall. If you have an empty corner, place a bookshelf where you can display your Star Wars book collection.

16.   Modern Minimalist

Modern Minimalist

Bring the Star Wars theme to your modern minimalist bedroom by having a simple, black Star Wars bed sheet. Leave the other things in white and your bed will be the focal point in your bedroom. This idea is also ideal for adults, both boys and girls.

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17.   Darth Vader Bedsheets

Dart Vader Bedsheets

Are you especially a fan of Darth Vader? Then, do not miss having a Darth Vader-themed bed sheet in your bedroom. If you already have a Star Wars-themed bedsheet, it is okay to decorate other things in your bedroom with other decorations. Since the bedsheet already steals people’s attention.

18.   Dominate with Blue

Dominate With Blue

The Star Wars theme is mostly dominated by black and blue since these 2 colors represent the galaxy. Dominating your bedroom with black will make it look gloomy and dark. So, you can opt for dominating it with dark blue just like in the picture.

19.   Hidden Lamps

Hidden Lamps

Do you want your Star Wars-themed bedroom to look dramatic? Then, try to add hidden lamps. You can place the hidden lamps on the ceiling or under your bed. This way, you can strongly feel the galaxy impression.

20.   Small Bedroom

Small Bedroom

If your bedroom is not really spacious, you can try this idea. Combine blue and white for color balance. Decorate one side of your bedroom walls with your favorite Star Wars quote. Place a decoration, such as the replica of Darth Vader’s head on the table.

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