12 Most Popular Steel Staircase Design Ideas You Can Apply

One of the reasons to use steel for a staircase is because of its durability. The color is also suitable for any home design. Check the steel staircase design idea below if you have a plan to install a staircase at home. 

Steel Straight Staircase 

Steel Straight Staircase

Most homeowners use a steel straight staircase because it is simple and affordable. You don’t need to think about specific support compared to other staircases. This staircase design only needs an attachment at the top and the bottom. You can also install rails and handrails immediately without any complex methods. This staircase model also keeps the room spacious.   

Steel L-Shaped Staircase 

Steel L Shaped Staircase

The steel L-shaped staircase model is suitable for homeowners who want to have a more appealing stair at home. This steel staircase design is an option if you want to put the staircase in the corner of the room. On the other hand, this staircase is a little bit more complex to build and expensive than a steel straight staircase.

Steel U-Shaped Staircase 

Steel U Shaped Staircase

The steel U-shaped staircase has a similar model to the L-shaped staircase. The difference is that U-shaped stairs have a 180-degree turn. You can use this steel staircase design to have a more appealing stair. It is great for a modern home model.  

Steel Staircase Design Ideas

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