23 Simple Study Room Ideas to Make You Comfortable and Relax While Studying

Some students often study in bed. They think that it is comfortable to do. You may learn the truth about the study in bed. Then, remodel your bed to become a more positive and comfortable study room. Check the explanation, along with study room ideas below.

Is It Bad to Study in Bed?

There are still pros and cons to studying in bed. Some experts say that study is allowed to do. One of the reasons is that you feel more comfortable while studying. The more comfortable you are, the easier for you to absorb and understand information. So, it doesn’t matter where you study, as long as you are comfortable you can do it. Studying in bed is more effective because you don’t have to move to other places only to study. You can directly open a book, browse, and take some notes in the bed. Some students study in bed because they can directly sleep after finishing the study or anytime they feel sleepy. 

On the other hand, other experts explain that the more comfortable you are, the more fall asleep you are. You can’t absorb information maximally when you are sleepy. One of the negative effects of study in bed is a vision problem. 

Which Color is Best for Study Room?

Indeed, it doesn’t mean that you can’t study in the bedroom. You only have to set the bedroom more comfortably, such as choosing the right colors. Prepare a study spot in your bedroom instead of doing it in bed all the time. Here are some perfect colors for comfortable study room ideas. 

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White Study Room

This color looks classic and old-fashion, but it is effective to make your study room comfortable. White has a calming effect that gives a more positive feeling. The more positive your feeling in the study room, the more valuable things you can learn.  


Red Study Room

Red is a good alternative to create a comfortable study room. This color increases your alert and focus. As a result, you can’t easily fall asleep while studying in the room. Red can also boost your creativity because you become focus and alert.


Orange Study Room

For those who love to study in a calm and warm atmosphere, you can repaint your room with orange. This color boosts calmness and alertness. As a result, you feel always ready to learn anytime you enter the room. 

How Can I Make My Study Room Positive?

The most important key is to make your room more positive and comfortable for studying. Choosing the right colors for the room is not the only thing you can do. You can also pick one of your favorite spots in the room. Use it as your study corner or spot. Study in a favorite spot gives greater positive impacts compared to study in an uncomfortable spot. Make the spot comfortable once you choose it. 

Add all things that you need to study well. It is okay to put some of your favorite items there to support your study. A study room with an ergonomic chair is good for a maximal and comfortable learning process. Managing the lighting is also crucial to do. Make sure that the study spot or room is bright enough. LED bulbs are good because they produce warm and bright lights. 

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You can bring nature to your room to boost the positive vibe. Put some plants in the room or close to your study corner in the room. Seeing something green while studying makes you feel more relaxed and calm. A relaxed condition leads you to a high-level of focus. It will be easy for you to absorb valuable information. Apply these simple study room ideas at home and feel the positive impacts before and after doing it.

Study Room Ideas

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