22 Cheerful Ideas of Teen Girl Bedroom

Are you in search of teen girl bedroom ideas? Well, you are in the right place. 

The following are some selections of the hottest bedroom design for your teen. We will share with you the best-selected bedroom design. 

All design is a combination of wonderful interior and furniture. Moreover, the rooms are decorated with wonderful stuff. So, don’t be doubtful in applying one of the below concepts for your teen bedroom.

You don’t need to worry as long as you know what you need for the future room. You have to prepare the right furniture before you choose the design. 

What should a teenage girl’s bedroom include?

When it comes to designing the teen girl bedroom, you should know what they want. It should balance with the available space too. 

The main consideration is the budget. Make sure it is on your budget for the preferred design. You can browse some information before you start. 

Most grown-up teenagers will crave their choices. They will ask for their independence in selecting what they want. 

For bedding, most teen girls will demand a double bed instead of a single bed. By having a double bed, it will give more space for sleeping. It can present the room wider with double bed. 

Another thing is the wardrobe where to place their clothing. They may want a larger drawer to be placed inside their room. 

They may have the idea of a glam room too. So, it requires more decoration like lighting or seating area. This bedroom inspiration is more for the master bedroom than the children’s bedroom. 

Some teens want to place pictures in their room as well. Of course, it is not surprising for a teen bedroom idea. As long as you can place it in the proper spot, it can be amazing for their room. 

Large room with sitting area

2017 Wonderful Large Modern Teen Girls Bedroom With Sitting Area

The room is designed by developing the idea of growth. It has main elements such as flooring, interior, including wall color in a neutral palette. 

This color exposes modern design with a large and wonderful setting. By adding a sitting area, it presents the shifting style preference. 

Spacious Room

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Big Teen Girl Bedroom

A spacious room can be designed with an elegant look too. Minimize furniture is the best advice. Select only wooden furniture with dark brown furnish. 

For color, cream is the best choice. Make your room cozier by placing dimmed yellow light. You can have a few of them for the room. 

Bubble Hanging Chair

Chic Teen Girl Room With Bubble Hanging Chair

Adding a bubble hanging chair is a great idea for a teen girl bedroom. It allows you to enjoy a relaxing time in this space.

This spot is perfect for lounging or reading favorite books. Experience a quick nap here as well. A hanging chair is the hottest trend for bedroom design.

Colorful room 

Colourful Craft Teen Girls Bedroom

A colorful room is suitable for a creative teen girl. You can have bright colors as many as you like. Yet, the wall should be white and some other furniture too. 

Combine it with colorful bright stuff like chairs, bed sheets, blankets, or else. Place hanging decoration above the bed.

Blue theme room

Cool Teen Bedroom With Light Blue Color Theme And Globe Pendant Light

Painting the wall with a light blue can present the room more relaxing and looks cool. Add a touch of decoration in a similar color too. 

Decorate it with a globe pendant light can be a good option. Try to choose a bright color for exposing the cool.

Purple Curtain Selection

Curtains For Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Using curtains for the windows is the right choice. You can have your amazing bedroom with curtains. Select white interiors for the perfect touch. 

If you have a purple and white room, you can choose the same color for curtains. The color is matched with the curtain color. 

Two-Layer Curtain Idea

Curtains For Teenage Girl Bedroom

In designing your teen girl bedroom, curtain selection is necessary. A bedroom is your private area and your curtain helps you to protect it. 

Nowadays there is the various design of curtain. You can choose the design fit for your need. 

A two-layer curtain is one of those models. The soft pink color is the favorite among all. 

Gray Bedroom

Gray Teenage Girl Bedroom

The gray color is another selection for color. This color helps to expose your room to be more elegant. By combining with the right furniture, you can have a cozy room. 

Choose white color for a bedside table, drawer, and curtains to match. For a blanket, you can have a colorful one. 

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Modern with a homey look

Modern Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

A modern room is one of the coolest styles among teen girls. It has a calm and convenient look. 

You can have a decorative wallpaper in black and white. You may place your book above the head-side. Placing a rug can be a good option too for a teen girl bedroom.

Simple Modern Room

Modern Teen Girl Bedroom

A simple modern room can look cozy if you select the right decoration. In the limited space, make sure you have selected furniture. It can be a bed, a drawer, and a bedside. 

Pastel color is suitable for this room. Place one big painting and two small paintings on the wall. 

Modern yellow

Modern Yellow Teen Girl Bedroom

If you want to paint your room yellow, you should combine it with white decoration. Pick a white for the interior, including bed, drawers, bedside table, and mirror. 

Choose a yellow for bedsheet and curtain for wonderful touch. This color is combinable with wooden flooring with bright furnish. 

Neon Lights 

Neon Lights Leds Under Bed Blue Bedroom Ideas

Install neon lights under the bed is a great idea. Select dimmed white LED lights to present your blue calmer. 

This teen girl bedroom design is suitable for a modern room. It is possible to place the neon light as a wall decoration and on the edge of your table. 

Glam Room 

Rugs For Teenage Girl Bedroom

The larger room fits with a wider bright pink rug on the floor. It can be a glam design with a pastel color. Paint the wall with a light pink color.

Place the desk and bookcase facing the window. Find some other small things for the decoration like pictures. 

Mild Decorative Room

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

The teen can have a decorative room in a small space too. It is better to have simple decorations with bright colors, like white, light green, and pink for this room.

Place a dotted wallpaper on the head-side wall. Complete it with the tree picture and hanging decoration. 

Twin Bed

Teen Girl Bedroom

There is also another option for your teen bedroom. Let say you have twin bedding in your small bedroom. 

Paint wall with light brown color to give a wider look for the teen girl bedroom. Furniture can be all white, including curtains. A floral bedsheet and pillowcase present your room with more convenience. 

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Black and white glam

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas Black And White Ideas

Your modern room design can be more glamour by black and white design. The black paint wall is perfect behind the upholstered headboard. 

Then, you can place a combination of black and white for your headboard. Choose the same idea for the bedsheet, curtains, and a relaxing chair. 

Mix black and white

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas Black And White

You can meet black and white in the small room. It is better to paint the wall all white to make the room look bigger. 

Grey and white

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas Grey And White

A spacious modern room will look more comfortable with the touch of grey and white. Yet, whites can dominate the color of the teen girl bedroom. You can use it for flooring or furniture. 

Placing a grey rug can be a wonderful idea. You can also put white round seating.

Pink LED Lights 

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas With Led Lights

The latest trend includes placing LED lights under the bedding. Dim pink light can show the feminine side of your teenage girl. 

To give the same reflection as the color, you can place a white bedside table, bedsheet, and rug. For the bedside lamp, pick yellow light. 

Light Garland

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas With Lights

A bohemian room design can be glamorous with the light garland. You can put it on the heading wall and near the window. 

Add a few pom-poms garlands below these lights. Let them hang freely above your wall picture. The soft pastel color decoration is fit for your teenage girl. 

Yellow and Gray

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas Yellow

Match butter yellow with gray for your room. You can paint one side of the wall with butter yellow while the rest with gray. 

Meanwhile, you can select both whites and gray for the interior of the teen girl bedroom. It includes the bed, bedside table, and bedside lamp. For the wall, pick a simple decoration. 

Vintage room

Teenage Girl Vintage Bedroom Ideas

A vintage room is still popular among teen girls. They can choose brown and light brown for the room color. A brown curtain matches with a dotted light brown blanket and pillowcase. On the floor, you can place a white rug. Put some small pictures on the headwall for a cozy teen girl bedroom look. 

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