18 Rustic Farmhouse Paint Colors for Perfect Home Decor

What are the best rustic farmhouse paint colors? Rustic home designs currently have so many enthusiasts for their beauty and uniqueness. This interior design focuses on the sense of natural and classic. Slightly, when you are inside, it feels like you are in the world of fairytale. Some elements like wood and bamboo may dominate the idea. Besides, people also love to add sturdier materials like rocks.

While rustic ideas are closely related to the natural elements, what are the paint colors the most ideal for them? Particularly, if you prefer the combination of rustic and farmhouse ideas, some paint colors below are good to add.

Neutral Light Colors

Neutral Light Colors Rustic Farmhouse

Some rustic farmhouse designs are very close to some other ideas including the country decoration. So, it is never wrong to choose one of the colors dealing with country designs. Some neutral light palettes like white, cream, beige, mustard, and light brown are the best choices. Those ideas are also solutions for a rustic house that is not really big.

To deepen the look of rustic, aside from applying rustic furniture and decorations, you can still play with other colors. Darker hues like dark brown are used as accents to sweeten the interior. Besides, they are also suitable to prevent the monotonous look.

Soft Pastel Colors

Soft Pastel Colors Rustic Farmhouse

Another idea that is recommended for rustic farmhouse ideas is soft pastel colors. Okay, many colors can be included here including pink, milky green, milky blue, and others. Interestingly, you can use all of them. Choose one of those pastel colors as the main idea of the home interior design. adding some others for the accents is not bad, again, to make it richer and more cheerful.

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Sure, you can still add the natural elements like woods and rocks. Make sure to arrange them well so that the combination still keeps the decoration beautiful. Furthermore, some flower and houseplants are also recommended to make the room livelier.

Shabby Chic Colors

Shabby Chic Colors Rustic Farmhouse

Shabby chic colors are quite similar to pastel colors. However, the colors tend to be dull and they look old. Sure, the dullness and oldness here are not in the negative meaning. They even make the house look more unique and aesthetic as long as you apply them well.

Colors like light brown, dusty pink, dusty green, mustard, and others are the best choices for this idea. It is even okay to combine all the palettes into one as long as the final result doesn’t look too much. Shabby chic colors are also suitable to apply along with the natural elements, the typical idea of the rustic farmhouse design.

Rustic Colors

Rustic Farmhouse Paint Colors

Okay, the last options are the rustic colors themselves. Rustic colors tend to be bold but also natural. Dark brown is the best example of it. You can also describe them as colors of the natural elements seen in woods and rocks.If you are interested in this idea, make sure to pay attention to lighting more. This concept tends to be dark. Therefore, good lightings are needed to avoid gloomy looks on rustic farmhouse paint colors.

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