16 Stylish Tropical House Decoration

Seeing so many ideas about tropical houses is so mouth watering. They offer the different style, look, and taste. The good thing is that it can be applied everywhere in this world.

It means that the design is also good for a country with four seasons. Why? The idea can be created from various materials even though you don’t have the tropical plants. 

All you need is creativity and the right references in making a tropical nuance at home. Several things like glasses, natural wood, stones, etc are the perfect options for that.

How to Make an on-Point Tropical Nuance at Home

Tropical Houses

The tropical thing is always related to something natural. Those are like the green plants which are combined with the wood materials around and so on. That will look really fresh. 

Meanwhile, the surrounded ventilation is also important. It means that try to ensure that a spot is having enough holes or area where the natural light may come through there. 

Furthermoreover, a design like that may let you to feel the freshness given by the nature. In this universe some places like Bali, Hawaii,etc always become a good reference for this. 

Detail is so important for this case. Even the small things can give the huge difference in making a tropical design. Here are several ideas and stuff where you may install at home. 

Tropical plants 

Tropical House Plant

You need to know that some plants really able to create the tropic nuance. The examples are like the monstera Adansonii, mini bonsai, mini tree, Thai constellations, and many more. 

Now, various stores are selling the seeds of those plants. You just need to purchase the seeds, place them in an aesthetic pot, and grow the plants. It is so easy, simple, and affordable.

The most important thing is that they are able to enhance a nuance just like in a natural tropical country. Arrange them perfectly in your garden or even in a living room area. 

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The out-of-the box sign

The Out Of The Box Sign

This idea is just amazing. To make everything is taste more tropical, place certain unique beach signs or something like that in several places at home. These signs are usually colorful. 

Besides that, they also represent something which is so Bali or Hawaiian. Those are like the bright sun, waves, colorful birds, coconut trees, cocktail drink, sandal, etc. 

The sentence of that sign is so simple, but really refreshing at the same time. It can be depended on where you want to place them since they are also good for cafe, hotel, and so on. 

By Etsy

The House Number Plaque

The House Number Plaque

This small and simple stuff is also essential to create a tropical nuance in your property. As time goes by, the design of this equipment is really varied. They are so interesting to look. 

Basically, you can choose based on the overall concept. If a room is mostly designed with the natural goods, choose a house number made by wood, rattan, natural stone, and many more. 

Furthermore, this thing also has many kinds of shapes. The examples are like dolphins, coconut trees, flower petals, crab, cat, seahorse, etc which are so tropical and amazing to apply. 

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Sea creature shaped chandelier

Sea Creature Shaped Chandelier

In this recent era, chandelier gets an awesome development in design. It is not only made by the glasses with classical shape, but can be more than that. What is the example of that different design? 

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Due to the concept of Hawaiian or Bali taste, you may install the glasses chandelier in the form of some blue dolphins. If it is not, the bubbles white shape is also a smart decision to have. 

These chandeliers are amazing to be placed in your living room or other parts of the properties. It means that this lamp is also suitable for hotels, cafe, restaurants, etc to give more tropical touch there. 

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Interior mock-up 

Interior Mock Up

Need another idea? How about buying the right interior mock-up? This is so different since they can give a thick beach vibes in your interior rooms. It is especially as the wall decoration there. 

They give the perfect visualization from the color, graphic, etc. A wallpaper for the example. It can have the huge design of a glass house consists of a lot of tropical plants there. The fade can be adjusted. 

Another idea is the arrangement of some frames with the earthy colors or made by the natural materials. The right place to place them is in a blank wall in your living room, bedroom, and more. 

Beautiful traditional bamboo frame

Beautiful Traditional Bamboo Frame

If you want to create the tropical nuance property, never forget about the bamboo materials. It can be made into some goods such as chairs, swing, and the most interesting one is the traditional frame. 

This frame consists of two or three pieces of bamboo stem in each side. They have the natural brown colors with few light green or brown stripes. They are traditional, but looks so awesome. 

You can install a family pictures inside the frame or maybe a painting of beach. The size is also varied and people may choose based on their need. Basically, it is a must-thing to have in your house

Tropical Design Rug

Tropical Design Rug

The next option is the special rug designed in special patterns. Those are like the banana leaves, plant design, tropic theme, and so on. This rug is specially made know Turkey.

The monochromatic black and white is the main color. However, several products also have other shades such as a little bit gold, soft brown, etc. It looks so elegant and stunning too. 

There are four different sizes which are offered such as 80 x 150cm, 80x200cm, 100 x 160 cm and the biggest one is 100 x 200cm. You can choose based on the size of your room. 

The retired wall clock

The Retired Wall Clock

This accessory is so different and unique. This clock has the beach scenery as it’s main background. The different thing can be seen from it’s fallen numbers. They look like in a mess. 

Furthermore, you will see a funny sentence in this clock that says: who cares! We are retired. What a creativity to have and it will enhance the overall look of a room. It has a perfect size. 

In addition, you can also give this item as a gift. The beautiful beach vibes as the back ground is so easy to add the tropical feeling in your property. A small thing that can change everything.

Flip flop house number sign

Flip Flop House Number Sign

This item is highly recommended to give more tropical taste at house. This house number design is in the form of flip Flop. Flip flop itself is usually used when someone is in the beach, etc. 

In more detail, there is also a wave under the flip flop and you will see two pictures of coconut trees as well. It uses the all-weather PVC material and the thickness is for about ½ inch. 

The great thing is that this item is handmade. It is also equipped with a hanging hardware. You can hang it directly or paint it into the other shades based on your needed. What a great option. 

Available here

“welcome to our pool” handmade wood sign

Welcome To Our Pool Handmade Wood Sign

This kind of wood sign is made from the high-quality materials. The main sentence is for sure the “welcome to our pool” statement. Several others sentences are also listed under that statement. 

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This wood sign is colored in many bright shades such as orange, white, purple, green, pink, blue, etc. The combination is juts amazing and it will make your room is more lovely than before.

In fact, this sign can be placed in any rooms that you want. Many people attach it in their outside bar, living room, cafe, and so on to add the thick tropical feeling as they wish.

Fukeen Pillow case Set 

Fukeen Pillow Case Set

Some of you may use sofa in your property. Designing a sofa to get the tropical nuance is not that easy. However, this Fukeen pillow case set will do everything to realize that concept. 

Basically, this set consists of 4 different pictures of the paradise plants or in this case is the coconut trees. The size is 18” x 18”. It is made from the cotton blend linen material.

The color is brown and it’s gradation. This item will be so pretty to be placed in your house, car, bed, sofa, chair, indoor, outdoor, decorative, and as a gift for various occasions. 

Overall, it is made by hand cutting and sewing. You will love the gradation and the details. To have the international shipping, buy it from Amazon and the price is affordable.

Rustic handcrafted fish wall art

Rustic Handcrafted Fish Wall Art

The right decoration can be a great effort to add the tropical taste at home or wherever it is. However, make sure to choose the right one such as this rustic handcrafted fish wall art

It is arranged from the drift woods and rope as the hanger. That is why; it looks really natural can will be a perfect decoration for any rooms. Overall the color is brown grey which is really stunning. 

Once you see it, the first impression is that the high taste of art. It is one of the most loved decorative element and that is why; it runs out of stocks sometime. So, order it soon is needed. 

Canvas wall art painting

Canvas Wall Art Painting

Attach one or maybe more painting is an effective trick to give the peaceful paradise nuance. It is better to choose the one which has the right object on it. The elements there are essential. 

The example of the teal ocean light house painting. Furthermore, the seascape scenery is also the best one. It is so unique because of the colors that it is used. Mostly it has the monochromatic shade. 

There is only one or more objects which are painted in blue or green. The examples are for the umbrella, light house, sea water, and so on. How about the size of this painting? 

It consists of 3 different panels in the size of 12* x 16* or 16* x 20*. You can choose based on the needs and budget as well. The bigger size is usually more expensive, but the quality is so good.

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Bed Cover in Rainforest design

Bed Cover In Rainforest Design

To have an amazing overall result, you should be total. It means that all the rooms must be decorated perfectly, including the bedroom. It is essential if you run a hotel or accommodation sector. 

To do so, cover the bed with the rainforest pictures of banana leaves and more. In a package there are three different products to have. Those are 2 pillow cases and one bed cover itself. 

There are various options of graphics to have. You can choose based on the concept in a bedroom. Match them with the wall color, floor, lighting, and so on go get the right impression. 

This thing is made from the high-quality microfiber fabric so it is so comfortable and easy to care as well. Well, this stuff is an easy and effective way to give a different nuance at home.

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The cute candle holder

The Cute Candle Holder

This item is so cute and unique. The shape is like a coconut or palm trees in the beach. Mean while, it is dominated by the dark brown color and green for the leaves. Where you can place the candle? 

It is above the mini tree. Make it is more artistic by placing the round candle there. It will help to get more lighting in the dark. It is also a great idea to place the aromatic candle there. So great! 

The height is about 5.8 inches. That is why; this candle holder can be placed above the table, near your window, or wherever you want to place them. Besides that, it is an amazing decoration as well. 

Just put it in a room and it can be a focal point because of its uniqueness. Don’t forget to match it with other goods to enhance the tropical feeling around. Its weight just 1.6 pounds.

From Amazon

Tropical House Ideas

Living Room With Bamboo And White Couch
Living Room With Bamboo And White Couch
Modern Tropical Bedroom Interior Design
Modern Tropical Bedroom Interior Design
Tropical House Design And Decor Ideas
Tropical House Design And Decor Ideas
Tropical House With Green Couch
Tropical House With Green Couch
Tropical House With Green Plant
Tropical House With Green Plant

Smart Ideas for Bathroom

Smart Ideas For Bathroom

Besides the main living room area, bathroom must be your next focus in creating a perfect tropical nuance. The good thing is that there are tons of ideas to apply there. That is so amazing. 

To do so just add several elements to create something wonderful and closely looks like a nature. That is why; don’t do any mistakes in choosing the right materials for your bathroom. 

The examples are like using the wood element in the wall and floor. Furthermore, that is not the only thing to do. Below are the great ideas from the experts to make a mesmerizing tropical bathroom. 

  1. Shower in the ceiling

Shower is a common accessories right now. To design this concept, you can place a unique shower which are installed in the ceiling part. Usually, it has so many holes to make the rainy effect. 

To get the more urban forest ambiance, paint the ceiling with the sky motifs or something like that. You can choose the rectangular or even round shape based on the overall concept in the bathroom itself. 

  1. Place some plants in the wall

To support the shower idea above, it is a great decision to place 3 or 4 small plants. Make the hangers there where the plant’s pots can be hung. Consider to choose the right size for the pots. 

It means that if your bathroom is not too big, just choose the small and simple pots. White is the most favorite color since it looks stunning and can blend into various kinds of wall colors. 

Besides that, choose the right plants as well. Make sure that the plants are durable enough to be placed in a wet and humid area. Find out more information to take care of those living creatures. 

  1. Vinyl or wood elements around

Actually, the wood and its natural color can easily bring the tropical nuance at home. It is especially in your bathroom area. So, where is the right area to install these kinds of materials? 

You may place the wood patterns wallpaper in the wall. If it is possible, apply the wood vinyl elements for the floor. One thing for sure is that always choose the right vinyl, ceramics, or woods. 

Why? It is because you will place them in a wet area. Make sure that they are not easy to break or not dangerous as well. It means that they are not slippery or easy to crack. 

Pay Attention to the Detail

Whatever the ideas you choose is, always try to pay attention go the detail. Even the small decoration can be so effective in creating the tropical look at home or other properties. If it is possible, try to find the references and apply it. That step is quite safe or not risky since once you follow it, the perfect tropical houses concept could be built easily.

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