Types of Kitchen Utensils

The variety of gadgets available in the market for cooking and serving food is immense. A kitchen utensil can do many things like stir fry noodles, peel and cut vegetables, remove black stains, add flavors to dishes, and many more. To name a few, there are knives, spatulas, skillets, frying pans, woks, and even electric stoves available these days.

Kitchen Utensils amp Gadgets

The most common kitchen utensil used by most people is the spatula. It is quite popular and is widely used all over the world. The best thing about it is that it does not take much of your time when you use it. You will just need to wipe the surface and you’re good to go. Another great advantage of using it is that the material of which it is made is quite absorbent so it does not get rusted after a long time.

One of the most useful kitchen utensils is the ladle. When you are serving soup in the morning or any time for that matter, this gadget is highly recommended. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs and it can even be personalized. There are some foods that you cannot seem to hold in your mouth and a ladle is just the perfect gadget to be able to serve such foods. No wonder soups are becoming the most loved meals today.

If you want to make your kitchen neat and clean, then the electric toothbrush is something you should look into. It is used for cleaning the hard to reach places in your kitchen which people usually tend to forget to clean. It comes with a head and a brush which make it easy to use. This makes it one of the most useful kitchen utensils around.

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Next in line is the butter knife. As the name implies, this is used for cooking meat. It can slice, dice, mash, or grill all without making a mess. It has an aluminum or stainless steel blade which makes it durable and easy to handle. It is also very handy, as it is already stored inside the kitchen drawer.

Another kitchen tool which is considered to be an essential in the kitchen is the electric egg poacher. This is a very helpful gadget, especially if you have a large family at home. All you need is to place the egg onto the bottom and turn on the electric timer. Then the popper will immediately remove the egg from its shell. The shell can then be removed easily with the help of its special spatula.

The most common kitchen utensil around is probably the teaspoon. This is probably the most simple gadget in the kitchen and most people can use it with ease. A lot of kitchen utensils are based on this very useful gadget. It is very useful in stirring, measuring, chopping and many other kitchen operations. They are widely used in households as well as restaurants because it is very useful for mixing, holding, freezing and much more.

Ceramic baskets are also very helpful kitchen utensils which are widely used in the kitchen. Baskets are made of different materials such as glass, clay, terracotta, wood and ceramic. It is used to hold a variety of things like vegetables, fruits, spices, condiments, sauces and other ingredients. It also comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can choose the basket which best suits your needs and cooking methods.

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Cutting boards are another important kitchen utensils which are widely used by every household. It is used to chop, slice and dice all ingredients and foods that need to be cooked properly. A cutting board can also be used for washing and cleaning.

A cleaver is also one of the important kitchen tools. It is used for chopping and slicing all kind of vegetables and fruits. The blades of this tool are made of different materials. The most popular material used for the blades is either steel or carbon steel. They are also durable and very easy to sharpen.

A slicer is also one of the main kitchen utensils. It is used for slicing all kinds of different foods. It may be vegetables, meats, breads or fruits. A slicer will enable you to make beautiful salads. There are different types of slicers available in the market and they are mostly sharp. Sharp ones will help you cut easily and they also don’t wear out so often.

Types of Kitchen Utensils

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