Update Bathroom Tile without Replacing: The Smart Tricks

Updating the bathroom tile is a little bit tricky. Why? It is because most of you want to do it without replacing the tiles. It is a fact that replacing them means you must prepare more money for all the steps and processes.

You have to pay someone to do it, then buying the new tiles, and many more again. Furthermore, it also requires more time. Since they must be replaced, one day will be not enough to finish the updates in that bathroom area.

That is why; nowadays people prefer to apply the other ways to make their bathroom floor is looking different without replacing the tiles. When your budget is limited, the ideas below can be a great solution to do. Check this out.

Paint the Tiles Area

Replacing the bathroom floors is so troublesome. That is why; try to create a new nuance by painting the wall with fresh color. It depends on your liking and concept. You may choose the bright shades, smooth, neutral, or earthy color.

If you want to apply some patterns, it is recommended to use the special wallpaper. Choose the products which are properly for a humid area like in a bathroom. How about the tiles? There is a smart idea where you could paint it.

Nowadays, there are so many painting products that can be used for bathroom ceramics. It means that you can apply various designs there. However, if the painting is not your specialty, just applying the special stickers for the ceramics.

Use the Tile-on-Tile Technique

Have you ever heard about it before? It is actually a process where the tiles can be stacked with other ceramics without the need to replace them. This method is more practical because you don’t need to replace the ceramic one by one.

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That is why; this technique is also more effective in time. However, how to do this method? In fact, you cannot use common cement or glue. It is recommended to use special glue to attach the new ceramic above the old ones.

Furthermore, this kind of glue is not only for ceramics but also other materials. The examples are granite, homogeneous tile, and so on. Make sure to ask about it first. For your information, this glue will make the ceramics are attached really strong. 

That is why; this concept is recommended for wet areas such as in a bathroom. Usually, this cement or glue is in powdery form. To use it, just add some water and stir it properly. After that, this product is ready to use.

Some Tips to Do

There are several tips to do in doing the method above. If there are some broken ceramics, it is better to fix them first by using the common types of cement. Make sure the surface is smooth and flat enough. Clean the tile first before you attach the new ones.

Some experts recommend attaching the new ceramics in the cross form. Why? This step will be perfectly covered the old tiles. If you find any fungus or dark spots in the tiles, make sure to clean them first by using wet clothes.

For your information, the tile-on-tile procedure can be also applied in other areas, indoor or outdoor. You don’t have to worry since the products are resistant to any kind of weather and situation. It is so durable and easy to use as well.If you thought that the bathroom floor is still good enough, but want to have a new design, it is better to do something on other parts. The examples are like changing the curtain, wall designs, and apply that update bathroom tile without replacing the idea.

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Update Bathroom Tile without Replacing: The Smart Tricks

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